How to Buy Tow Lights



Buying Tow Lights — A Quick Guide

So, you’re a tow truck driver or a towing company manager, and you’ve got an urgent call — there’s been an accident, and vehicles need towing. You’re on it. You get there just in time, everything’s set, the crashed vehicles are loaded onto the trailer, and you’re ready to go. But, there’s a problem — your tow lights just won’t work. Hopefully, you’ve never been in such a situation, and, god willing, you never will be, but accidents happen, and things sometimes don’t go our way. Fortunately, tow light malfunctions are rare and can be prevented with a bit of foresight and careful shopping, and that is precisely why we are here today: to give you some tips on how to buy tow lightsgood tow lights! — and help you eliminate any chance of misfortune!

Tow Lights — Why You Need Them

Towing business can sometimes be dangerous. After all, clearing someone else’s mess on the road often and towing disabled vehicles away ensure safer traffic. That is why towing trucks simply need some kind of warning lights. Yes, those strobe lights for trucks that you see spinning whenever an accident on the road isn’t just for show — they’re obligatory by law, and failure to employ them can have drastic consequences.

Of course, statutes and details vary from place to place, and what might be legal and mandatory in one area might be entirely out of the question in another. But, law discrepancies usually have to do with minutia. You know, what kind of colour your lights should be, where you should mount them, how many sets you should have at any given time, and so on. However, the bulk of the matter is still the same, and it boils down to maximizing safety and alertness on the road, no matter what kind of tow light bars we’re talking about.

What to Look for in Tow Lights

To keep things simple and cut to the chase, we’ll focus on three basic tenets of each successful tow light purchase: brightness, versatility, and compatibility.


As any seasoned tow truck driver will know, brightness is what typically makes or breaks it when it comes to tow lights. That comes as no surprise when you consider the dangerous kind of work tow trucks is necessary for. In other words, many folks will depend on and count on you to do a good job and restore order on the road, which is a lot of responsibility to have on your shoulders, especially in poor weather conditions and in emergencies.

So, to ensure you are always visible, opt for bright tow lights next time you’re shopping and disregard cheaper, dimmer options. They might seem like a good idea now, but once they start breaking or proving unreliable, you’ll simply have to replace them if you want your business to keep going, so they’ll most likely prove a useless investment.


Naturally, brightness alone won’t be enough. A good tow truck lightbar has to perform exceptionally at all times and in every department. In other words, you want it to be bright and responsive. That means it has to signal your every move: breaking, running, turning. If you notice your lights are lacking in any of these areas, it’s sadly time to ditch them and look for a replacement.

So, if you’re buying new lights, make sure they are versatile. Look for reliable models that will suit all your individual needs, and do not settle for less! To make your shopping decision easier, keep in mind the primary role played by two lights — communication with your colleagues and other traffic participants. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what kind of information you would appreciate from someone in your position. Once you have answered that question, picking the right tow lights will not be a problem.


Thirdly, and most importantly, since we’re talking about tow trucks specifically, you’ll need to check for compatibility too. Now, we’re not just talking about technicalities here (you know, making sure the lights fit and the like) — you will have to make sure your lights fit the light profile mandated by law too. That means you’ll have to buy something of the right size, consider all the colour options, and so on.

The specifics will depend on your area of residence. Still, to give you a general idea of how things usually go, we can say that, in most places, you’ll need more than one set of lights of different colours (one for moving and another for stationary vehicles). In addition, you might need an extra removable set for the vehicle being towed if it makes the rest of your lights invisible from behind, especially in poor weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).

Where to Buy Tow Lights

As is usually the case with all kinds of equipment and vehicle parts, the more reputable the retailer you’re buying from, the less trouble you’ll have. While that may sound like one of those “The more you pay, the more you get!” stories, the truth is far from it with SpeedTech Lights behind your back.

Need a reliable but affordable light bar for tow trucks that will suit all your needs? Not a problem! SpeedTech Lights offers a huge collection of state-of-the-art warning lights by some of the most recognizable and respectable brands — and all that at a competitive price. SpeedTech lights are durable, energy-efficient, and, most importantly, bright, making them the perfect choice for virtually every towing job, no matter where.

The SpeedTech Lights team understands the needs and struggles of each tow truck operator, which is why they are available to you at all times should you have any questions or require consultation.

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