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How to become successful in life – Each mistake you make is an opportunity to make your pet sitting company even better and an opportunity to find out on your path to success.

One of the most famous entrepreneurs and brains made mistakes and hit a brick wall countless times before declaring success.

Thomas Edison hit a brick wall 10 000 times when trying to create the light bulb. Walt Disney was terminated from a newspaper for obtaining “no good ideas or creative imagination. ” Oprah Winfrey was terminated from a Baltimore news stop.

How to become successful in life – Steven Spielberg was refused from film school thrice before getting in. Tim Ferris, the writer of “The 4-Hour Work Week” (a must-read, btw), was declined by 25 publishers ahead of finally being picked up. Holly Ford had two hits a brick wall automotive companies before making the idea big with Ford Applications.

My point in all of this is you must come to terms with the fact that you will most likely make mistakes in your business. It should happen. The key is that you decide on yourself, evaluate precisely what went wrong, learn from the error, and then create a system, which means you don’t make the same oversight again.

Every mistake you come to is a chance to make your puppy sitting business even better.

How to become successful in life – My spouse and I made so many mistakes, particularly in the early years of my organization, and there was a time that I am sure to let them almost take me outside the game. I wanted to give up. I want to quit. I wanted to take it without many workouts. Thank goodness I did not! When I look at where We are today and think about almost giving up, it chills me to the core.

Therefore again, here is my training for dealing with mistakes:

1. Recognize the mistake.

2. Evaluate the error.

3. Come up with a solution.

4. Create a system.

5. Avoid making the same mistake once again.

It’s important to realize when you have made a mistake. Please don’t turn a blind eye to a scenario because the problem will only substance itself. For example,

• Employing an inexperienced or unethical pet sitter

• Employing an unqualified administrative worker

• Signing on a nonideal client

• Not maintaining your finances

• Not having to pay your taxes

• Getting on too many new clients lacking the necessarily qualified sitters to absorb the job

Your Homework Assignment:

How to become successful in life – Consider what mistakes you have constantly made in your pet sitting company and come up with a solution to the actual error and a system, so you don’t make that error again in the future.

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