How Do I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing has several ways to generate a viable and sustainable income. First, you must decide which product or service you wish to promote or sell. How do you choose something desirable to the public while having a low competition threshold among the millions of products and services available?

My first suggestion is to consider a product that you are passionate about. Researching and promoting a product or service you enjoy will be enjoyable and exciting for you. Don’t be too broad and choose a significant market idea; instead, narrow it down to a niche within that large market so you can focus on a specific area of great interest to you. After determining this, you’ll need to find someone with this product and look for other people (affiliates) to help them sell their goods or services.

That’s one of the great things about Affiliate Marketing: people are doing the work and looking for people to help them promote and sell their products. Several affiliate services are available to you, such as ClickBank or OfferVault, where you can find the product(s) of interest. You enroll in the program that most interests you, and you’ve completed the first step. The obvious next step will be to figure out how to get traffic to your product so that prospects will buy it. Because they lack the skills to promote or market what they want to sell, many people become frustrated or give up. It can be daunting, but numerous venues are available to alleviate your frustration and bring your plans and ideas to fruition. Let’s review some strategies for marketing your product or service and monetizing your efforts.

1) A Website – A website is always a problem because most people don’t know how to set one up online correctly. They lack the necessary skills, knowledge, or determination to create a website. The first question is whether you can make money without a website. The answer is an emphatic…YES. However, with a website at your disposal, your chances of generating a viable income increase exponentially. If you do enough research, you will be able to find all of the information you need to create a good, professional-looking website on your own. Some websites teach you how to do it for very little money. They will not build it for you (site builders can be expensive), but you will learn the fundamentals of creating an income-generating website. You must also select a domain name (at a meager cost) and locate a hosting company. There are hosting companies that are free and do a good job.

Once your website is up and running, you can link to a blog, post links to the product or service you want to promote and create several pages to educate people on the various advantages and benefits of the products you want to sell. The most important thing is to find a reputable website that can assist you in accomplishing this without spending more money than you are willing to pay. You probably won’t be able to create and market your niche for free, but the costs can be meager. To avoid having to find everything on your own, finding some site(s) that can assist you with your foundation is a good idea. The website you create may be critical to ensuring your success with Affiliate Marketing.

2) Article Writing – Another simple way to start in Affiliate Marketing is through article writing. If you write articles, you’ll need to put them somewhere where people and prospects can read them. There are numerous free article sites where you can post your article (s). In my opinion, one of the most popular sites is Ezine Articles, but several others are also free. There are also article submission sites that charge a monthly fee. If you believe you can get more bang for your buck using a fee-based site, you must make that decision yourself. A critical aspect of your title in any article you write and post is that you use the right keywords to expect some traffic. Google Keywords is still the best place to find the best keywords for your niche product. You will never get any traffic if no one reads your article.

You must also conduct the research we discussed because they will move on to another site if you do not project professionalism and knowledge on your subject. You should know you cannot refer anyone to a specific affiliate link when submitting an article. You can include your linked blog or website in their resource box but must adhere to the article administration’s guidelines. You will also need to get used to publishing 6-8 articles per month if you want traffic. One piece will not suffice, but you will get the hang of it because this is an excellent system for gaining the traffic required to sustain an income.

3) Blogging – Creating your blog is a relatively simple way to start. You can create a free blog page by visiting blogspot or any other free blog site. It is not my preferred method of promoting a niche product through Affiliate Marketing, but it has advantages. What I dislike about blogging is the aspects of promotion and the constant need to keep it fresh. Prospects will stop visiting your blog if you always post the same information because you provide nothing new to help them make a purchasing decision. So, how do I get people to visit my blog? There are two very acceptable and effective methods that I will share with you. First, use Google Keywords to find the keywords that will drive traffic to your blog. If you’re passionate about staying physically fit, the keyword “HEALTH” is far too broad to use.

You must look at keywords that go deeper into your niche and promote abs, thighs, buttocks, biceps, or jogging, and then decide whether you want male or female traffic (or both). It is necessary to narrow your competition by using more long-tail keywords relevant to your niche product, which Google keywords will do for you. In six weeks, a long tail keyword might be rock-hard abs, marathon training, or enviable buttocks. We could go on, but you need to find the right combination for your selected product. If you decide to start a blog, I believe including a keyword in the title is critical. This technique increases traffic to your blog and should result in sales. You can now create your blog after deciding on your niche product, conducting your research, and selecting your keywords. I suggest you review the product, how or why you used it, and how it helped you. Then you must add the relevant link to your product.

Second, you could use social media to drive traffic to your blog. You can get people to your blog simply by strategizing a method that makes people want to visit your blog, whether you tweet and follow people, have a following, or do the same on Facebook. You must inform your prospects about what it is in it for them to visit, they must see what it is in it for them, and you must make that call to action for them to at least visit your blog. These are your prospects, and you must convert them into customers.

Regardless of how you get started in Affiliate Marketing, you must research not only the product you want to promote but also the method(s) you intend to use to promote it. Once you have a solid foundation, it will not only become more accessible, but you will also continue to improve and generate the income you deserve.

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