Home Renovation Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

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  Home renovation and upgrades have this reputation of being highly expensive. And sometimes they are, seeing that you can easily spend a significant amount of cash on upgrades. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, so here are some home renovation tips that won’t put you into debt.


To start off: The Kitchen


No, kitchen renovations don’t always have to be extensive, expensive, and take a long time to do. You can be creative with how you want to renovate your kitchen, and here are a few accessible ideas you can try.


Update Your Countertops. It might sound strange to see a suggestion to upgrade countertops in an article about budget upgrades, but the truth is, you don’t have to overspend on kitchen countertops. For the frequency of the use you’re going to get from it, and the natural size most countertops come in (which isn’t exactly significant), most countertop renovations don’t have to be so expensive. There are many ways to save up on countertop renovations too, so it’s best to look that up.


Having an Island Would Be Nice. If you’re looking to add a functional yet cheap upgrade to your kitchen, look no further than having a kitchen island. You can use kitchen cabinets or even tall tables, add some wheels underneath so you can move them easily, and you have a functional improvement for a fraction of the cost.


Next Up: The Living Room


Get a Fresh Carpet or Redo your Flooring. When it comes to upgrades that truly feel like an upgrade, you don’t need to go further than your flooring. You can use the peel-on and stick-on types of floor tiles that aren’t only affordable, but also easy to use. You won’t have to destroy your current floor just to redo it, but should you want to make some considerable improvements, going the DIY route is a cheap and accessible option.


Refresh Your Windows. Since we’re talking about cheap and affordable options, an improvement that’s readily accessible is a window treatment or renovation. You don’t have to change your entire window frame per se, but you can improve your curtains and shades. Consider using a double curtain rod, so you can layer curtains and manage natural light better.


Bathroom Renos To Consider

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Bathroom renovations often entail hiring a professional plumbing contractor. Especially if you’re going to include pipes and whatnot, but if you just want to upgrade its looks, here’s a couple of ideas for you.


Fix Your Medicine Cabinet. If you’re tired of the same, old white medicine cabinet with a mirror in front, you can simply change it for a better-looking one. A good-looking medicine cabinet isn’t very expensive, and you can even be creative with it. You can simply take a shallow cabinet (or even a generic medicine cabinet), put your own designs on it, like repainting it, or putting wallpapers, prop a mirror in front and you have a new medicine cabinet.


Accent Walls Are in. Wallpapers will always be one of the easiest but most effective ways to do minor renovations. So think about putting a new one in your bathroom! You can go all-out with the appeal and look, going for patterns and designs that are vibrant and sharp. You can also go the more traditional route by using neutral colors.


Must-Do Bedroom Upgrades


Being that we sleep and wake up in our bedrooms every day, we want to add something new to its design to break the monotony. Here are some easy ideas you can get started with.


Minimalists Do Not Have to Be Dull. You can still be a minimalist without being boring. What you can do is to organize your things and only bring out the ones that you use regularly. And to combat the blankness most minimalist designs tend to have, you can use accent pieces that give a sense of creativity and vibrancy to a room. Colorful paintings, weird and interesting trinkets, and even memorabilia can work, personalizing your bedroom even more.


Yes, You Need a Headboard. Here’s a sure way to upgrade your bedroom: add a headboard. Before you think that a headboard is just an aesthetic improvement, headboards add another layer of support to your bed and protect the wall from friction and abrasion. Other than that, it improves the aesthetic quality of your room, so it’s always a good option to go for.


Home renovations will always demand some degree of resources, be it time or money. But you can always be wiser with your approach and save on both.


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