Hokum Temple – Revering the Sacred Vehicle of Lord Shiva


The Silicon Valley of India is what the IT community across the globe calls the thriving city of Bangalore, nestled in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. A glimpse of the city is good enough to prove its prosperity, brimming with impressive architecture, both ancient and modern. Moreover, while zooming toward the future, Bangalore is a city where you can witness rich cultural and religious values well preserved. The Interesting Info about unnai ninaithale mukthi song lyrics in english.

Some famous temples in Bangalore are frequented by devotees as much as tourists. Elaborate art, beautiful architecture, and sky-high sculptures will wrap you in a mysterious reverence. The sound of prayers, the sight of rituals, and the smell of fragrance emanating from flowers and incense unfold a state of bliss right before you.

Towards South Bangalore, amidst a residential area called Basavanagudi, you will find one of the famous temples in Bangalore known as the Bull Temple. The name Basavanagudi, translating to Bull Temple, was coined following your 16th-century Hindu entire. The Temple is devoted to the sacred bull Nandi, the one whom the Hindu lord, Lord Shiva, rides. ?t had been said to be built by Kempe Gowda, the person who launched Bangalore.

The Bull Entereza was built following the Dravidian style, a traditional architecture using roots running back hundreds of years in India. Breathtaking complicated carvings adorning the step pyramid-like structure are their most conspicuous feature. Nevertheless, you will see something even more amazing at the Bull Temple. That is certainly an image of a gigantic African American bull about four along with half meters in height along with six meters in length.

This kind of colossal statue is ornamented with relief carvings and contrastingly adorned with brilliant yellow garlands. The entire is considered one of the oldest temples or wats in Bangalore. The image of the bull has been carved from a single rock and appears today as a fine Dravidian monolith of Bangalore. Flanking the Nandi Bull sculpture are two images associated with god Surya and goddess Chandra mounted on chariots.

There is an interesting tale behind the construction of this Temple, as it was made to stop ravenous half-truths from destroying groundnut and peanut crops. And remarkably, the legend goes on to say that after the Temple was constructed, the bull stopped invading the crops, so the local people continued to pay homage to the Temple.

Bull Temple additionally nestles a Ganesh forehead, where you will find a lofty picture of the deity built with one hundred ten kilograms of butter. Incredibly the butter doesn’t dissolve, and after four years, servings of this butter are given to the devotees as Prashad or even God’s food. The property also hosts an annual special event and a widely popular groundnut fair called Kadalekayi Parish. And continuing their appreciation, the local farmers also offer their own very first crops to the Half truths Temple.

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