Is Google Duo Conference better for group video chat?

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Google Duo Conference is a straightforward group video calling provided by the Google Duo is also available even on the web version for those who wanted to make group calls from a browser. Duo Conference now allows you to connect up to 32 people at the same time.

Google Duo Conference lets you do high-quality group video calls in just a few taps across Android, tablets, iOS, or even on web browsers on Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS. Google Duo has the highest quality group video calling for all users and is simple, reliable, and works across all devices.

How to do a Google Duo Conference call effortlessly?

To do a Google Duo Conference on your device, you first have to set up a Google duo app. For this, you First install Google duo from the app store of your device. And then verify your phone number or your google account. Now people in your contacts can see your Google duo account. 

Now, after setting up the Google duo, you can be just able to do a Google Duo Conference call by following these steps:

  1. Open your Google Duo app and swipe up the button to open the full contact list.
  2. Now tap on the “create group” option on the main app screen.
  3. Select the contacts you wanted to call. You can select up to 32 contacts, including you, for the Google Duo Conference call.

That’s all you have to do to make a Duo Conference call.

Unique Features of Google Duo Conference call:

  • High-quality video calling:
  • Google Duo Conference call provided the highest quality video calling among all the conference calling apps. 
  • Record audio and video:
  • Google Duo call offers this fantastic feature to record audio as well as video. If someone from the conference call does not pick your ring, you can easily record a video sent to that contact. This video message feature is one of the best features offered by Google Duo call.
  • Compatible with almost all the devices:
  • Google Duocall is compatible with all the devices which you are using. You can use your Google Duo Conference call from your Android device or your iOS device.
  • Offers low light mode:
  • Duo Conference call offers another fantastic feature, which is the low light mode. This mode can be used when the lighting conditions are not good at your place. Then you can use this feature to make your video clear in even low lighting.
  • Data saving mode :
  • Google Duo call offers a data saving mode, which helps the users reduce data usage by up to 50%. As we all know, to do a conference call, we need many data, but some have limited data, so this feature is suitable for the users who have limited amounts of data.
  • Works with web portal:
  • Google Duo call also works on the web browser of Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. This feature works when you sign up for your Google account in Google duo of your browser, and next, you can do a Duo Conference call in just as in the app.


For doing a high-quality conference call from any place, Google Duo Conference is one of the best options present on the internet. All the unique features mentioned above can also be considered to make Google Duo Conference is a good group video calling app.


What are the charges to make a Google Duo Conference call?

Google Duo Conference call is free for all of its users.

How many people are connected with Google Duo Conference calls?

Google Duo Conference call supports up to 32 people at a time.

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