Can the Exclusive GMAT APP improve your score in MBA entrance exams?

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If you are willing to get into a business and want to pursue MBA, then the GMAT exam is crucial for you. The right preparation plan will help you get a better score and enhance your exam day performance. GMAT APPs are the best options for improving your score in MBA entrance exams. 


GMAT APP are the application available on your phone for preparation for MBA entrance exams. There are several GMAT APPs present in the app store of your mobile. These apps generally provide the right preparation plan and strategy to score better in MBA entrance exams. 

They provide you with the best question sets and books and take mock tests to prepare for GMAT exams. With the help of these GMAT APPs, anyone can get a preparation strategy, best schedule, and tips for the MBA entrance exams. Some of the GMAT APPs provide free services, while some of them charge for it. 


  1. Practice questions: 
  • For the preparation of MBA entrance papers, you need the best sets of practice papers, and it should be in a realistic context. If a GMAT provides you with a fair and realistic practice paper, we can say that it is an excellent option to opt for that app to score better in your exam. 
  1. Lesson content and plan:
  • If a GMAT APP features an excellent detailed and skill-enhancing lesson plan and discusses each question and all the topics in-depth, then it should be considered the best one for scoring better for your preparation. From this, you should be able to understand those topics which are quite challenging for you. 
  1. Convenient or user-friendly:
  • The GMATyou will use will be easy to download, use, and be sure that it should be user-friendly. If you have problems while downloading and using it, then you should create a lousy scoring chance, so always select a user-friendly app for your exam preparation. 
  1. Mock test options:
  • If you are genuinely preparing for any entrance exam, then it is necessary to give the mock test. So always choose the best app which provides you a fake test option, and the question quality is also the best one. 


  1. Manhattan Prep GMAT:
  • This app comes top on the list because it provides the best strategies and tips for your MBA entrance exam. It has a lot of quality content, including average timing on each practice question. You can try this app free for the basic level, but if you want the premium level, it will cost $29.99.
  1. Ready4 GMAT:
  • This also comes with a great deal of content and includes an assessment test, practice questions for each subject. This app’s primary account is available for all users, while the premium version costs $19.99.
  1. Magoosh GMAT Prep:
  • This app includes video lessons and also offers individual customer service. The best thing about this app is free for all users. 

There are some more good GMAT APPs available on the app store of phones. 


Do GMAT APPs contain practice sets?

Yes, GMAT APPs contain practice sets on individual topics of each subject.

Does GMAT APPs charge for courses?

No, not all the apps charge for their courses. Some are available for free, but some of them charge for their premium version.

Is a free trial available for the premium version of GMAT APPs?

Yes, all the GMAT APPs provide a free trial for their premium version, but they all vary from each other.

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