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Esurance Reviews – The Esurance insurance company was founded in 1999. Although the company is not so old as other insurance companies, it is very popular among people. The reason behind the success and popularity of Esurance insurance company is the use of fully digital tools.

Esurance Reviews – The online programs of this company provide its customers the facility to make use of the services for buying and claiming via the internet. Which saves a lot of time. Yes, it’s true that the Esurance insurance company is not the cheapest one but then due to the discounts of the Esurance insurance company it is difficult to ignore it.

The auto insurance of Esurance is offered in 43 states whereas the Esurance homeowner insurance is available for customers in 31 of those states.

Esurance Reviews

What is coverage provided by Esurance auto insurance?

Auto rental coverage

Esurance Reviews – If your car is stolen or it is being repaired from the damage caused by an accident, this coverage pays the entire price of a rental comparable to the car. It is up to $3000 or 45 days. One must have the required coverage that is comprehensive and collision coverage to use this opportunity. Everyone cannot have this policy because this coverage is not present in all states.

Loan Coverage

The coverage would provide  25% of the car’s entire amount in event of total loss. This coverage is optional. This coverage is designed so the difference between your car and the actual price could be made up. This coverage requires less cost and so does not provide much protection. For covering the whole difference in value gap insurance is required.

Roadside Assistance coverage by EsuranceEsurance Reviews

Esurance Reviews – You need to pay %75 for its services. You can only use it when you buy this coverage so one should make sure to add it to the policy. Comprehensive and collision services are also essential for the service. This coverage offers battery service, door unlocking in case you forgot the keys inside the car, tire changes, fuel provision, and also towing if your car stops working in between the way so your car could be towed to the nearest repair shop.

This service does not follow the driver but the car. This means that this service cannot be used if you get in an accident when driving someone else’s car.

What is coverage provided by Esurance Homeowner Insurance?

Some of the coverage offered by Esurance homeowner insurance are discussed below:

Coverage for more than one unit

Esurance Reviews – The coverage is optional. If you have two, three, or four units in a building so the dwelling limit is increased by this coverage. Along with that, it covers you if an injury is caused to the renter.

Coverage for water backup

The coverage ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. If the damage is caused by the overflow of drain or backup of water so the service pays. The coverage is different in different states.

Coverage for the structure of a buildingEsurance Reviews

Esurance Reviews – More protection is provided for extreme damage conditions. The coverage has the facility to pay 40% additional of the dwelling coverage limit. This coverage policy is provided for protecting against extreme damages.

Fire department Coverage by Esurance

If you have to pay the fire department for its services after you call them, the Esurance insurance company will help you to pay the fee that is charged.

 What are the pros and cons of the Esurance insurance company?


  • Websites are friendly to use
  • A broad variety of discounts
  • The facility of mobile app
  • Quick processing
  • Availability of digital tools
  • Open 24/7 to solve customer’s problems
  • Many coverage options
  • The high rating by customers


  • Cars insurance not available in all states
  • Many complaints observed by customers
  • Lack of physical agents
  • No accident forgiveness

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