Eleven Women Fashion Trends in Spring

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The Spring season has long gone, but its impact on fashion remains undeniable for the rest of the year! While most fashion weeks and shows for 2021 were restricted to the digital avenues and Instagram releases, the runways proved to be rather exuberant in their entirety.

The world is still grasping pandemic and trying to adapt to the home-life that has grown on us over the last 18 months. This is one of the reasons why the spring and following fashion trends have tried to upscale the casual pieces we have grown used to while staying home for such a long period.

The game has been about loose silhouettes getting a touch of modernity or blasts from the past that embody quarantine life’s spirit on glossy magazines! You get the gist, right?

All in all, spring trends have taken your pajamas, collection of bralettes,and DIY pieces to the runway and made them look like extravagant creations by some of the most celebrated brands.

But the question here is, how can you wear these trends in your everyday life? This is precisely why we’re here!

Here’s a list of the top spring trends that you can recreate at home for your newly established social life post-pandemic!

The Magic Of Monochrome

According to Vogue, almost eight major designers chose to play with monochromes this year. Technically, a monochrome is any color with lighter and darker hues, but the fashion moguls played the safe route of black and white combinations.

You can easily pair your black skirts with white silk blouses or tee shirts with leather skirts to emulate the look. This is very quick and easy. Also, don’t forget to wear black shoes with a black bottom!

The Bold And Beautiful Bralettes

This year, bralettes have won over many designer collections. But they were not the same lacy pieces we see on Instagram. Instead, the casual, colored, and various materials used for these garments have become an interesting method of expressing your sartorial choices.

The Magnificence Of Floor Length Swoops

While the shorter bralettes ruled the day, we had the floor sweeping gowns and ankle-grazing skirts or dresses on the other hand of the spectrum. While you can easily stock up long pieces, remember to carry a women’s leather jacket with them to add a touch of sophistication and class to your outfit!

The Flash Of The Curves

Flossing has been trending on social media thanks to the popular dance numbers by Tiktokers. Inspired by these jarring moves, many designers revealed the midriff.

A little flash of toned skin and flesh not only looks attractive but also gives you a strong boost of confidence.

The Broad Bottoms

Comfy pajamas have been the jam for most people since 2020. The wide-legged bottoms have come back because of the comfort and calculated charm they add to any ordinary outfit.

You can take any wide blue bottoms, add a white shirt, and top it with a blazer that is cut according to the contours of your body.

A Little Glitter And Glamour

If you are a fan of celebratory fashion, then spring 2021 would not disappoint you! The glittery disco-ball dresses, tops, and stilettos have ruled the style books for Chloe and Balenciaga this year.

In case you have some Lamé dresses in your closet, then the first date or bridal shower is the right occasion to bring it out.

A Modern Twist On Corsets

Corsets may seem like a thing of the past, but thanks to bigger brands like Moschino and Alexander McQueen reintroducing it to the mainstream, you must give it a try!

Corsets in this season are nolonger limited to being a garment worn under layers of fabric. Instead, they are seen on top of chiffons and mesh dresses to be the cherry on top! It adds a touch of sizzle to any every day and leaves you looking like the baddie you always wanted to be!

A Strap Galore

Straps, straps, and more straps. That is the spring fashion of 2021 in a nutshell. Every outfit was seen on the runways of Paris or London, usually had bulky straps coming out of shoulders, sleeves, the back, or even around the derriere.

The bigger brands may seem a little out of grasp for student pockets. You can easily DIY your way with a scissor to get some strappy cutouts on plain tees and old dresses. You can even use your bodysuits for this

Some Risqué Cuts

Since we are still discussing cuts, the daring backless pieces and those with dipping necklines cannot be ignored. If you are a fan of risqué cuts in your dresses, tops, or even evening wear, then you can easily embody this trend.

It’s been a while since everyone has dressed up to the nines and enjoyed one-on-one celebrations. Now that the vaccines are rolling and things are looking better, it’s time for you to deck up and enjoy flashing some skin!

Some More Textures On Scant Materials

Mesh clothing was a popular choice on spring runways this year. It seems like a trend picked up from the last episode of Emily In Paris, but it is actually quite cute!

You can get mesh-y items from any fast-fashion store or even use a little fabric glue and free time to create gorgeous sleeves and capes with mesh or lace. It boils down to what you truly like!

Something To Bring Out Your Silhouette

Last but not least, body-hugging pieces. This spring and summer are all about falling in love with yourself. And hence body-hugging pieces are the best way to embrace yourself for who you truly are!

Final Thoughts

We hope this quick round-up of spring trends has prepared you for the casual yet classic looks for 2021. This year may be a lot more different for us due to waves constantly leading to lockdowns and normal routines, but it is your style and comfort that matter most at the end of the day!

You can easily try these styles for outdoor gatherings or even rock them for your Zoom sessions. Remember to have fun, that’s all we wish to say!

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