Effective Tax Planning Strategies For US-Canada Cross-Border Businesses


Tax Avoidance and Planning in the North American Union International Trade 

Americans working in Canada, Canadians making investments in the United States, and entrepreneurs creating businesses with a worldwide reach all have tax considerations in both countries. The private client-cross-border tax experts at KPMG can show you the ropes as you face these challenging obstacles. What do you need to consider about Tax Planning Strategies.

We’ll stroll you by computing the global effect of your activities and teaching you how to proactively manage your worldwide effective tax rate, risks, cash flow, return on investment, and unforeseen tax exposure. In addition, our experts can help you make financially prudent decisions tailored to your specific needs and goals, whether amid a significant merger, acquisition, divestiture or just looking to strengthen your company structure.

Many Canadian business owners find the complexity and size of US taxes and regulations overwhelming. The tax regulations of the United States and Canada have countering effects on their companies, investments, and intimate situations despite their best efforts. Since they didn’t get the appropriate guidance, businesses may overpay in taxes and incur significant non-compliance fines.

For both people and businesses, we provide comprehensive cross-border tax compliance and consultancy services, including:

The state of the international economy is ever-shifting. Multinational corporations face particular difficulties because of this, and they need comprehensive tax planning advice that considers domestic and international regulations.

If you need assistance with international tax planning or advice, our team of seasoned professionals is here to help. We’ll collaborate with you and your other advisors to find solutions that help you achieve your business goals and objectives while minimizing your tax liability.

Multinational firms require careful international tax planning to maximize efficiencies and minimize tax liabilities. Businesses that must prepare for their taxes are more likely to overpay in foreign taxes on their international dealings, putting them at a disadvantage against rivals in countries with lower corporate tax rates.

The cost of selling a firm typically represents a company’s most significant one-time expenditure. Before making any decisions regarding the sale of your Canadian firm, you must speak with knowledgeable cross-border tax specialists. Our experts will carefully consider the appropriate strategy for your international tax problems.

We will also consider how your transaction may affect US taxes and regulations. When the time comes to sell, we want you to get the most money possible for your company. Please make an appointment with our international tax team member by calling our office now. We have locations in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all places where you can connect with us.

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