Discover Low-Cost Strategies for Organizing Scary-Good Haunted House Fundraisers


My loved ones and I always count the days till Halloween. For three years, my family and I oversaw a charity haunted house. Raising money for a good cause while having fun and acquiring people concurrently can be accomplished this way. Stressful situations are possible. If you’re planning a haunted house, the following advice is helpful. What do you need to consider about haunted house in Ohio.

These are some tricks I picked up the hard way that I hope may come in handy as you organize your haunt:

  • Get enough people to volunteer. Finding a large number of willing people to help out is crucial when organizing a charity haunted house. Consider scheduling at least one volunteer per room in your haunted house as you develop its layout. Volunteers should be scheduled in pairs whenever possible. That way, the volunteers won’t be sitting around bored between customers. Enlistees are more inclined to return if they are having a good time.
  • Even if this is a charity event and you rely on volunteers, it is still in your best interest to put together a detailed plan and choose in advance which days volunteers are available. Most individuals realize that a realistic schedule must be made if the event is to run smoothly.
  • Spend a little on professional Halloween props, then save money by making a ton of your own. You should avoid making the charity haunt so cheesy that people will find it funny. Your goal is to create the most authentic haunted house possible for the benefit of your chosen charity. That means shelling out serious cash to stock up on professional-grade Halloween props and ornaments. It would be best if you do not want to spend an arm and a leg. Make the remaining props after buying high-quality items from a skilled haunt supplier, such as coffins, skeletons, and Halloween animatronics.
  • Collaborate with the backers of your haunted house to construct cardboard and plywood coffins. Rip up some old clothes and string them up as an adornment. Styrofoam and spray paint allow you to make various unique and inexpensive Halloween ornaments. Use low-key hues like black, gray, and dark orange.
  • Convince your neighbors to help you out. Years ago, when I helped set up a haunted home for charity, one of the first things I did was disparage the doors of the people who lived nearby. Instead, let the neighbors know about the planned haunt, sweet talk them into supporting it, and do so as soon as possible. The neighbors might even pitch in if you ask them. In this approach, individuals feel welcomed and are less inclined to complain about the volume. Also, you won’t have to wait until opening night to find out whether a neighbor has a problem with it.
  • Get the word out as much as possible. I can’t emphasize this enough. A charity event should be run with the same professionalism as any other commercial enterprise. However, that only calls for a small marketing budget. Advertisement space in many media sources is often donated to good causes. Contact the newspapers in your town and those in neighboring areas. Also, try contacting local radio stations. Certain radio stations, like certain newspapers, may give free airtime to haunted houses that raise money for good causes.
  • Flyer distribution can still be an effective method of advertising your establishment. Distributing flyers for your haunted house at fall festivals is a great way to get the word out. Determine when your area celebrates fall and get flyers ready for your haunt. Finally, remember to promote your haunted house’s charitable contributions. Some customers will visit your haunted attraction regardless of whether or not they are fans of the genre, if only because it is a charity event.
  • Last but not least, it would be a good idea if the haunted house set aside a separate area for kids. Create a safe space for kids to hang out, play games, and watch cartoons. Also, flyers and other marketing should be placed to let parents know about this playground. Families are more likely to visit your haunted house if their younger children have activities to enjoy besides going through the haunted house itself.

To that end, I offer the following advice. One more piece of advice: remember to enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Your enthusiasm for the project will shine through in the finished product. Make money for a good cause while scaring people and having a good time.

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