Can Digital Counselling Ever Be As Effective As Face-To-Face Therapy?

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Are you going through a rough breakup or feel lonely just because you have moved to a new city? Or, nothing out of the usual is happening in your life, but you are not happy and want to do something about it? In all such circumstances, the only solution is counselling. Finally, the stigma surrounding mental health is fading, and people have started realizing how important their emotional and mental health is. Due to this, they began to accept the idea of therapy. But they are still confused about whether to go for in-person therapy or an online consultation. Let’s dig deeper to know the effectiveness of digital counselling as compared to face-to-face therapy.

Method Of Communication

The main difference between in-person therapy and digital counselling is the communication method. In face-to-face sessions, you visit a therapist’s office, and he can see you face-to-face and can easily pick up on your body language and your nonverbal cues. On the other hand, digital counselling is conducted over video chat, text or phone call depending upon the preference of a client and the therapist’s technological capabilities. It makes it difficult for a therapist to interpret the non-verbal cues, mainly when the communication occurs through phone calls or texting.


Telemedicine is more convenient than face-to-face therapy. You can log on to a website sitting in your bed instead of visiting a therapist for each session. Moreover, most online therapists have flexible schedules, making it easier for the clients to fit a session into their day. Digital counselling is also helpful for those who lack transportation, have any disability, live in remote areas, or cannot leave the house. Besides this, no travel costs are needed, and it is a perfect choice for those struggling to get face-to-face therapy for one reason or another.


There are uncountable reasons that make it difficult for the clients to get in-person therapy: chronic illness, social anxiety, inability to take time off work, physical disabilities, difficulty in finding childcare and living far away from the therapist and so on. With telemedicine, you can begin the session with your therapist anywhere and anytime they have a stable internet connection. As you are at your home, it makes you feel at ease, and when you are comfortable, you open up more with your therapist.

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Some services and jobs do not realize how crucial the mental care of their staff is. So, digital counselling is helpful for those who want to keep their treatment confidential as you do not have to drive to a therapist office. Instead, you take your session sitting in your bed. However, be careful while choosing a provider as some websites lack privacy safeguards. If you try phone therapy or text, keep in mind that all the phone services do not end to end encrypted, which might put your information at risk.


In most cases, teletherapy provides the same quality care to its clients. It is as effective as face-to-face therapy for treating various mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. Besides helping you decrease stigma, it offers many benefits, but it’s your circumstances that help you decide whether to go for digital counselling or face-to-face therapy. If you have a severe mental health condition that needs intensive care, telemedicine is not a good choice.

So How Effective Is Digital Counselling?

For those who are nervous about their treatment or do not have much time on their hands, digital counselling may be an excellent way to outstanding their feet wet. But for those, who respond better to intimate environments, face-to-face therapy can be a better bet. It all depends on your circumstances and personal preference. It is up to you to trust your intuition, knowing what you need at the moment and ensuring that you choose a doctor whom you feel comfortable whether it’s digital counselling or face-to-face therapy.

As you know, in this time of the pandemic, COVID-19 has caused additional stress and has forced people to stay in their homes; online counselling has become more popular than ever. So, if you are also considering online therapy sessions, visit telemedicine in Pakistan via

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