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Do you want to know about different yoga asanas? Or you want to lose weight sitting at home? In both situations, Yoga is the best option. Therefore, we bring you the best Daily yoga app. 

The Daily Yoga App will guide you on how you can do your asana. Interesting, right? Yoga is in trend also after covid, everyone thinks of their self and wants to be fit.

However, if you regularly do Yoga with the Daily Yoga app, you will see the results in one month. Yoga has various benefits; it is the elementary power of Yoga to keep you active the entire day. It also helps to relax our mind in stressful conditions.

The Daily Yoga App is available for both users of apple and android. It also supports dark mode, prevents eye strain.

Daily Yoga App Benefits

  • It offers 500+ yoga asanas you can select according to your requirement.
  • It provides 70+ yoga programs along with 500+ videos for guide yoga.
  • It will give you special sessions for meditation.
  • It has a vast yoga library for men and women. That is suitable for them from beginner to advanced level Yoga.

Why Select A Daily Yoga App?

  • Get amazed by smart coach every day – This unique feature will guide those users who do not know how to select a class. There are six goals that you can be your one-month objective. So for the next thirty days, Smart Coach will guide you to a workout every day. It’s going to be surprised each day to reveal a new class.
  • Community motivation: The Daily Yoga App culture brings people closer to each other from all around the world. Yoga users gather here to share their practice experience, tag and inspire each other to complete the task. Follow the Yoga strategies to strengthen their techniques. According to the respective recipe, plan meals to control weight. 
  • Include meditation everyday- They specially organize Meditation lessons via online coach guidance. Raise your energy rapidly During the lunch hour with the 10-minute meditation retreat. Adapt to the patterns you have. Several options ranged from 5 to 70 minutes to accommodate your schedule as per the duration. And seven languages are available worldwide.
  • You can keep track of daily activity- you can monitor your data from different devices. With the use of the apple app, it offers users to monitor their workout time, calculate burnt calories and heart rate. It will contribute to achieving your fitness rings and goals daily.
  • A health kit: Daily Yoga combines with HealthKit (Apple Health). It will help you to export lost calories and workout information to HealthKit via the Daily Yoga app.
  • User-friendly app: The Daily Yoga app help their users by step by step guidelines. You will also get an opportunity to learn how you can grasp challenging poses safely.

Reviews of Daily Yoga App

Users love the design of the application and video quality. Daily Yoga App programs are great. They contain various modes of difficulty, length of time, style, and focus.

The Daily Yoga app works wonderfully. It is relaxing and stresses on areas it should.


Hence, the exclusive fitness app is the Daily Yoga App. You can easily use the app and feel the best fitness experience after using the daily fitness app, and Constant dedication will lead to better results.


The Daily Yoga App is compatible with iPhone?

Yes, it is.

Can I record my daily burnt calories?

Yes, you can calculate it through a health kit.

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