Is Da Miao Hotpot is the best hotpot to serve instant and quick-cooked meals?



Da Miao Hotpot is a typical Western-style hot pot typically used in restaurants, usually for instant and quick-cooked meals. It can be called a “Chinese boiling pot” or “Chinese steaming basket.”

Da Miao Hotpot

The pot has thick walls to protect the food inside from the intense heat of the burner, and its sides have a handle for easier lifting and lowering. There are two sides of the pot; the inner side has holes at the bottom.

Food is placed inside, covered by the infra-red heat-sensitive covering and lid. The lid automatically opens on its own when it’s healed enough.

My amazing first experience of Da Miao Hotpot

I got my first experience of this traditional Chinese cooking method several years ago when I took a trip to China to work and was introduced to the traditional method of using a da Miao hotpot.

I was very impressed by this Chinese innovation that was so convenient and affordable. I tried several different varieties of the hotpot and found that one with a cover produced the best flavor.

During my trip, the one I used was manufactured by the Da Miao Company, located in Hangzhou, China. Da Miao offers a variety of hotpots, including the da Miao hotpot reviewed here.

Best materials & ingredients of Da Miao Hotpot

The da Miao hotpot is constructed of cast iron and has a thick lid with a handle and a wooden handle for lifting. I found that the infra-red soup base produced the best soup, and the chicken was not difficult to cook.

The soup base is the receptacle in which you put in all of your ingredients. This is the part that holds all of the soup elements – like chicken and vegetables. Once your mixture is all in place, the lid closes on its own.

Secret advantages & disadvantages of Da Miao Hotpot

The da Miao hotpot’s advantage is the ability to cook your soup in just about any season. The temperature of the soup can be increased to your liking through the addition of herbs and seasonings. The advantage of this product is that there are several different varieties of this type of pot.

Also, as the chicken cooks, it pours into the hot soup base creating a delicious broth. I did notice that I was able to eat an extra serving without the soup feeling dry, like some other soups.

Da Miao Hotpot

The disadvantage of this product is that you are limited to the seasons in which your soup will be prepared. You may not be able to prepare a hot soup for winter when you normally would in the summer.

Also, the size of the pot is not very large, not unlike the size of a small wok. If you have a large family or more than four people in your household, this could pose a problem since there is no way to know how much soup you need.


According to many websites, Da Miao Hotpot 4.5 stars is currently rated as the best hotpot in the world. This soup is a favorite around the world because of its versatility. It can be used to prepare soups, stews, stir-fries, and even chicken.

I especially love the advantage of being able to make large quantities of soup at a time. You can easily serve the soup to your entire family and even feed them at the same time without the added calories of the excess hot water.

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