Creative Agency Vs Digital Agency

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Many of you are surely wondering what a digital marketing agency or creative agency really does and if it is worth hiring any of their services. In this article, we are going to explain all about creative agency vs digital agency.

Creative Agency

To get an idea of ​​the scope of having the specialized services of a creative advertising agency within the context of your business marketing, you just have to stop to study the results of studies that reveal that the creativity factor in advertising spots is spectacularly effective. To meet sales expectations, to the point of being awarded an influence of more than 50% over them. A percentage well above the impact that the price, promotional campaigns or the forms of distribution and presentation of the products may have.

The creativity that a creative agency can offer is an irreplaceable capital to achieve the end of any commercial organization, which is none other than to position itself at an advantage over its competition in an increasingly globalized and hypertrophied market. Without planning based on creativity, the chances of success of the advertised product will be greatly reduced.

For obvious reasons, large companies have an inestimable competitive advantage when it comes to budgeting for their marketing campaigns. This forces small and medium-sized companies to squeeze to a great degree the creative plot that marks the path towards more impactful messages with which to open a hole in the minds of consumers.

Commercial differentiation, as a set of business actions aimed at distinguishing itself from the competition, entails associating a strong creative component to the unavoidable task of planning with which to prop up current clients and break into market niches dominated by competing companies.

The work of a creative agency in the design of the advertising message must attract the changing sensitivities of those consumers who are already clients and, in parallel, introduce the differential element that gives it sufficient appeal for those who are not yet. In this context, the creative department of an advertising agency represents something like its heart, where that laboratory of ideas is housed, permanently vigilant of the needs and tastes of potential clients.

You have to bear in mind that faced with a problem with your competition; the strategy must give way to action, since time is a scarce good that can play against you. Your creativity, or that of whoever works this plot for you, and a deep knowledge of the market will be the pillars on which you build that competitive disadvantage.

The mission of a creative agency within the advertising activity goes beyond the design of advertising campaigns or elements, capable of expressing their imaginative talent. Its initial task is to persuade with a message that knows how to imbue the consumer’s taste, but its great challenge is to ensure that your brand acquires an unequivocal identity translated into a slogan, an image, a voice tone or a scene and, above all, the clear definition of your true place in the market.

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Digital Agency

How An Online Marketing Agency Works

The structure of a consolidated digital agency like eventide (in which more than 30 people currently work) can respond to an organization of this type:

On the one hand, we have the Staff (Direction and management, Administration, Commercial and Sales, Human Resources, R&D) and on the other hand, the production staff, oriented to provide customer services and organized by business lines (marketing, web, training …).

In eventing case, each business line is made up of one or more work teams, in order to provide better customer service. Coordination between departments is also very important since some of the services require the intervention of professionals from different areas.

In smaller agencies, the structure is simpler, and each professional can perform several functions simultaneously (internal or external). At eventige, for example, we started 4 people in 2006, and each of us covered various roles. Later, when the company grew, it became available staff focused on specific areas. On the other hand, something that is usually curious about is what a digital marketing agency charges.

The truth is that there are several business models, but the most common are:

  • Hourly services. It is usually applied to very specific, specialized or on-demand jobs. For example, modifications to a website, consulting hours …
  • Closed prices for jobs. For example, the realization of a digital marketing plan, the design/layout of a website, the development of a CRO experiment …
  • Fixed or variable monthly fees. They are usually applied to recurring jobs such as SEO positioning or the management of advertising campaigns, in which there is a start-up cost and a monthly fee consisting of a percentage of the investment, since the higher the investment, the more dedication of time and resources and greater responsibility.

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