Christmas gift for a book lover kid: Here are the top suggestions for a bibliophile.

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Nothing interests a bibliophile than books and on this Christmas, get the growing bibliomaniac in the home the most popular books of the world. Find bookstores in the country with fiction and bibles for sale around Christmas. Let the children know how to travel the world without moving out of the room. May this Christmas be the best time of the year to see the significance of fiction and spirituality in a human being’s life. 

To encourage reading this Christmas season, here is a list of books every child should read while growing up. 

The Holy Bible

There is no religious book popular like Bible across the world. It is the most famous text ever published in the history of humankind. The different reaching of the Almighty and Jesus Christ is collected together, inspiring and motivating the people globally regardless of religion, gender and culture. There is no other Christmas gift than a holy Bible, which assures the rise of faith in the budding minds. There are certain bookstores online with Bibles for sale during December. The peculiarity of this gift is that it suits any age. Bible becomes a companion for the children even when they become grownups. Illustrated versions are also available in the market now. Some suggestions, including Bible stories, are: 

1) The Action Bible

2)One Sparkly Christmas Night

3)The Beginner’s Bible

4)My Little Prayers

5)The Jesus Storybook

6)Bible stories for children

7)Apologetics for Children

8) Sing Bible Stories

J.K. Rowling’s Potter

There are no children in the world who does not know the little wizard Harry Potter and his magical deeds. Every bookworm kid craves the harry potter series with hardcover. These million copy sold fascination is an obsession for many elders too. Even though there are film adaptations for all harry potter books, these fictional fairy tales are sold in records worldwide. 

This series is available in numerous publications. 

The Lord of Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien is famous among children and teenagers for his classic character Frodo Baggins. No series like The Lord of the Rings captivated book lovers’ minds. This more than fifty years old book is still a bestseller around the world. Add it to the Christmas gift list and surprise the kids. The movies adapted from these books are worth watching, and consider this trilogy for the gift. 

1)The Return of the King

2) The Two Towers

3)The Fellowship of the Ring 

Anne Frank’s Diary

One of the most influential books any person read during childhood might be The Diary of Anne Frank. It is not only popular but also an educational book. Most schools worldwide have included Anne Frank’s diary in the syllabus. This personal account by the little girl revolves around the events the family faced during the second world war. It is an eye-opener and a mirror hold against the cruelty of wars done to humankind. Every child should read this book to learn the importance of peace and cooperation among neighbors and different countries.

 More Suggestions

There are many books more to inspire children in their Christmas vacation. The list includes:

1)To Kill A Mockingbird

2)Anna Karenina

3)The Holy Quran

4)The Great Gatsby

5)Oliver Twist

6)Tom Sawyer

The above mentioned are popular books for both children and adults. Cross the borders and languages, find the best translations of the tales from different cultures and languages, and gift them to the little ones. Let this Christmas be a merry one with fairytales from worldwide!

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