How has Cardboard Cigar Boxes Changed Over Time?

The trend of smoking is increasing. The tobacco industry is growing rapidly. It will become the biggest industry soon. Famous tobacco products are cigarettes and cigars. Cigars are traditional. These are very old. Therefore, these look good. Many old people prefer cigars. However, young people are also loving them now. The trend of cigarette smoking has decreased in the US. Whereas, cigar smoking has increased. Smoking is harmful to our bodies. Furthermore, it also affects the environment. Therefore, it is not a healthy habit. We should get rid of it. Nowadays, modified cigars are on the market. These are not very harmful. Companies pack them in Cardboard Cigar Boxes.

These boxes are very important. These boost the business of a company. Furthermore, they also help a company to grow. In addition to that, companies can also customize them. Custom cigar boxes beautify the product.

What is a cigar?

People usually get confused. They can not differentiate a cigar from a cigarette. There is a very basic difference. Cigar contains tobacco. Another leaf of tobacco plant covers it. This leaf helps us to burn the cigar. People then enjoy the smoke. Whereas, the cigarette is covered with paper.

In addition to that, the cigar has more harmful chemicals. A cigarette is less harmful than a cigar. However, the cigar has good quality. People enjoy it. Therefore, they prefer it. Companies pack cigars in wholesale cigar boxes. It helps to maintain their quality.

A cigar is larger. It is also another difference. It is also thicker than a cigarette. The cigar is kept in cardboard cigar boxes. These boxes preserve their taste.

Modern cigars:

People are taking benefit of technology. Companies have also changed cigars now. Now, these are less harmful. People are becoming educated now. Electronic cigars are now available in the market. These are very different from usual cigars. Here are the differences.


We already stated that cigar contains tobacco leaves. However, e-cigars do not contain tobacco only. The atomizer is a component of e-cigar. It contains special fluid. This fluid has chemicals in it. These produce the taste of smoke in e-cigars. We can change the composition of the fluid. Therefore, it will change the taste of the smoke. So we can produce different flavors.

The other component is a battery. The battery provides the power. It converts liquid into gas and vapors. Smokers then inhale these vapors. Vapors are less harmful than smoke. These do not damage our lungs. We can also recharge the battery. Therefore, we can enjoy continuous smoking. Companies pack these special e-cigars in Cardboard Cigar Boxes.

Pollution control:

E-cigars do not produce smoke. This is why these are less harmful. They do not pollute the environment. Also, they do not damage our lungs. Furthermore, we do not need to throw them away. We can re-use them. We can refill the atomizer. Similarly, we can recharge the battery. Therefore, we can use them longer. People burn the cigar to produce smoke. Therefore, it also produces ashes. Some people use a special tray for ashes. However, most people do not care. They throw these everywhere.

There is no need to burn e-cigars. It is done by the battery. We can recharge the battery easily. IT saves both our time and money. E-cigars are special. Therefore, companies also use special cigar boxes to pack them.


Buying new cigars daily is costly. Whereas, people only need to buy an e-cigar once. After that, they only need to re-fill the atomizer. This is cheap. Furthermore, this process is also feasible. It protects the environment. It reduces waste production. Consequently, e-cigars have become common now. Companies need to advertise them properly. So more people will know about them. Therefore, companies use custom cigar boxes wholesale packaging. It attracts more customers. Furthermore, it is also available at wholesale rates. Therefore, it helps the company a lot.

A lot of flavors:

Old cigars only gave the flavor of tobacco. Whereas, people can enjoy many flavors now. These flavors are filled in the atomizer. After that, the battery vaporizes it. Therefore, it produces vapors of that flavor. People then inhale these vapors. Therefore, they can enjoy different flavors. Old cigars gave off a bad smell. They damaged the mouth too. In contrast to that, e-cigars are not so harmful.

There are a lot of flavors available. People can choose according to their nature. However, the mint flavor has become common. This is because it provides a cooling effect. Whereas, old cigars burnt the mouth. They give a good odor to our breath. Companies use cigar boxes wholesale packaging to pack e-cigars and their different flavors.

Help us to overcome addiction:

Old cigars contained a lot of nicotine. Nicotine is not good for us. Therefore, it reduces our efficiency. It becomes difficult to concentrate. People can not work until they smoke. Consequently, it affected their lives.

E-cigars were introduced to help such people. These help us to beat addiction. This is because they contain less nicotine. In addition to that, people can also control the amount of nicotine. They can gradually decrease it. It helps the body to overcome addiction. The sudden decrease is not accepted by the body. Whereas, the body can adapt to a slow decrease.

Companies need to advertise this properly. Only then people will come to know about e-cigars. E-cigars are a new product. Many people are not aware of it. Therefore, companies use custom cigar boxes. This helps them to spread awareness. They can customize these boxes. It helps them to grab the attention of people.

Importance of packaging:

Appropriate packing of a product is important. Companies prefer cigar boxes for this reason.

These are not expensive:

Cardboard Cigar Boxes are cheap. However, they are strong and durable. They protect the product. Moreover, they help the companies to transport the product. Usually, companies need to transfer products over a long distance. Custom cigar box wholesale packaging keeps the product safe during this.

These make the product attractive:

Packed products look beautiful. These give an elegant look. Therefore, customers prefer to buy them. Whereas customers doubt the quality of open products. This is another reason why companies use Cardboard Cigar Boxes. A lot of products are displayed on display shelves. Cigars are also displayed. Therefore, they must catch the attention of the customers. Custom cigar boxes are useful for this purpose.

These attract the customers:

Packing is very useful. It is durable. So, the product remains safe. Therefore, retailers can display them longer. It increases the chances of their sale. Moreover, customers like unique packaging. Therefore, companies use custom cigar boxes. These help to attract more customers.

These are easily customizable:

Companies can customize these boxes easily. Mostly, companies make them from Kraft paper. Therefore, they can print on it easily. In addition to that, they can cut it in any size. This helps them to create the perfect size of the boxes. Thereafter, they pack cigars in them. It looks very attractive.

Furthermore, companies can try different color combinations. It makes the box more beautiful. It strikes the customers. Therefore, they buy the product. Companies can also print their logo. They can use stylish designs for the logo. Furthermore, they can also use beautiful patterns. They can use inks of different colors. It makes the logo attractive. Therefore, it helps the company to establish itself.

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