Cakes that will surely smack your lips from around the globe


Who doesn’t like a special sweet treat, and whenever we talk about sweets, a cake always tops the list. The love for this succulent dessert is something the entire world shares, and every country has its own special flavour and type of it. Tasting and knowing other countries’ desserts is more than just having a sweet; it is about knowing their taste and understanding their culture. Now, for all the foodies with a sweet tooth, here is a list of all the fantastic finger-licking cakes that will indeed taste like paradise to you. 

Panettone from Italy

The first cake is from the cultural land of Italy. Panettone is made with yeast and candied fruits like berries and raisins. The delicious cake resembles a lot with bread but is served as cake because of its smooth texture. Even though the cake is originally from Italy, it is prevalent in other countries as well, especially around Christmas and New Year. This cake is a must-have, and you can pair it with hot chocolate to get the best taste.

Dundee Cake from Scotland

A traditional cake is always appreciated, especially if it is made with high-quality Scottish whiskey. The Scottish fruit Dundee cake is as unique as its name, made with different candied fruits; it looks like a plush pillow and is loved by people worldwide. The best thing about this dessert is the light texture and the exotic flavour achieved by a mixture of whiskey and raisins; therefore, this cake is something you should try at least once.

Black Forest Cake from Germany

You might have had this cake, but the chances are that the cake lacked the traditional essence of this particular cake. This astonishing cake is named after the place where it originated, and the main ingredient is kirschwasser. This excellent german brandy is made with cherries found in the black forest region of Germany. Made with layers of chocolate, berries, and brandy, if you want to taste this exotic little cake, we suggest you order from an authentic bakery like FlowerAura. To taste it, Order FlowerAura cakes online and lose yourself in the licious chocolaty goodness. 

Mawa Cake of India

If you think that only the west has flavoursome cake, you can not be more wrong. The mawa cake from India is absolutely delicious and worth having for sure. The dessert is made with milk, and lots of dry fruits like almonds, cashews and walnuts etc., are added to it. The exceptional aroma of the dessert is obtained by adding cardamom seeds into the mixture.

Mochi From Japan

The land that gave the world Sushi has another gem. Mochi cake from Japan is a traditional rice cake that is a part of the new year’s celebration, although you can have it anytime you want. The speciality of the cake is that it comes in multiple flavours, as rice can be easily blended with most of the ingredients; you can even come up with your type.

Tres Leches Cake from Mexico

Originated from the spicy country- Mexico, this dessert is popular around the world. The name of the cake explains the main ingredients of the cake, three types of milk. The cake is made by adding evaporated, condensed and regular milk. The rich flavours are courtesy of the butter base, which is soaked in milk later. This moist cake can be eaten naked, but most people prefer layering it up with whipped cream or marshmallow cream.

Pavlova From New Zealand/Australia

The cake is made with cornflour with a soft marshmallow centre, making it different from other cakes. The cake is garnished nicely with tropical fruits like blueberries, strawberries and kiwis. The cake’s name has an exciting story as it is named after the famous performer and ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. Even though she was Russian, the cake was created while she was visiting New Zealand. However, Australia claims that the dessert originated there, and it is a matter of serious conflict between the two countries. Well, who knew cakes are capable of causing disputes.

Exploring is always a good idea, be it food, places or culture. It gives you an insight into different traditions, and your understanding of the world increases.