Is Byjus Free IAS Prep is better for UPSC preparation?

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Byjus Free IAS Prep is a course offered by a top learning app Byju’s to prepare for the UPSC examination. This is a course in which you will get the best online IAS preparation study materials and notes. 


Byjus Free Ias Prep provides you all the information regarding UPSC civil service exams, their notifications, syllabus, exam patterns, monthly magazines, proper study materials, and salary. This covers all the information about IAS preparation. 


How to get Stunning Byjus free IAS prep? 

If you want to get Byjus Free Ias Prep on your device, you have to get Byju’s learning app. To download Byju’s learning app, go to the link given below:


After downloading the app, you have to register yourself on the app and then select your preparation field, IAS preparation. Then you will get a free online coaching class for IAS preparation, which is Byjus free IAS prep.



Unique Features of Byjus free IAS prep:

Byjus free IAS prep offers the best coaching classes for an IAS aspiring candidate with the latest syllabus and patterns. Some of the fantastic features of Byjus free IAS prepare listed below:


  • Current Affairs:

Ø It provides the best study materials for current affairs, which is easy to understand and helps make your IAS preparation smooth and better. Current affairs are the most confusing yet essential subject in an IAS examination. 


Ø It focuses most daily, monthly, and the latest analysis of the current affairs provide it to the aspirants, which makes the preparation hassle-free. 


  • Video lectures:

Ø It provides video lectures on specific topics by the experts in IAS coaching in Byju’s YouTube channel and the websites. The video lectures are well known for their originality, usefulness, and focus. 


  • Study materials and notes:

Ø It provides the best study materials and notes for an IAS aspirant. These notes are divided by each subject and their topics too. They also provide the right study and lesson plans, simulating your preparation for the IAS examination. 



  • Practice for answer writing:

Ø It provides answer writing for your mains examination of UPSC. Apart from knowledge on topics, it is necessary to practice writing on those topics, and It offers this practice. You can reply to your answers in the comment sections and get feedback from our mentors. 


  • Provide test series:

Ø It provides test series for practicing your test preparation, and you can also view your results after giving the test. The quality of the test series is best available on the internet. 



By the end of this blog, we understand that Byjus free IAS prep is suitable for preparing for IAS or UPSC civil service examinations. This allows aspirants the flexibility to continue studying or working during the preparation of exams. This also saves time traveling. If you search for the best online coaching class for IAS preparation, Byjus free IAS prep is the best. 


Is Byju's free IAS prep allowed to download study materials?

Yes, Byju's free IAS prep allows you to download the study materials for your revision.

Do Byju's free IAS prep helps in preparation for an interview?

Byju's free IAS prep provides mock interviews, which help you build your confidence and improve your chances.

What is unique about Byju's free IAS prep?

Byju's free IAS prep offers a personalized mentorship program that can simulate and enhance your preparation for IAS or UPSC civil service examinations.

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