Buying Horses – The Légende Begins



Well, there this lady was, all spiffed program designer jeans, dangling diamond earrings and a tailored denim sweater with the cuffs turned up. I used to be so focused on her effectively trimmed hair and your ex-aloof, pompous manner; My spouse and I never did notice what this lady wore for shoes. Outlined on our site imagine, like the rest of your ex attire, they had not a speck of horse manure or even dirt on them. They were specific to be a fancy, designer “riding” boot well over-priced as well as rarely used to do anything very as unsavory as really riding a horse.

She would come to look at a horse for sale; a ranch-broke horse that had just a little bit much more “go-go” juice in his blood vessels than what the novice proprietor required. As the gelding had been lead from the pasture to be able to the hitching post the actual sharp-eyed horse critic analyzed every movement, each hoof as it landed upon the floor. Her brows dipped in as well as she mumbled something about their being off in the back again leg. She just could not figure out which back lower leg. Our farrier had simply been there and the horse experienced no lameness. I did not say a word.

“Either your girl will buy him or the girl won’t,” I told him personally. I suddenly felt really “small-scale” with my small piece of property; 3 race horses and a small pasture region not even 5 acres in dimension. “My horses are all well-fed, happy, and healthy, inch I assured myself. These were. Everyone always commented about how well my horses appeared and how good the existen was. I made certain We fed good hay because the grass is a joke on the property. There are just too many pins – making the soil acid, and too much sand. The actual barn and run-in lose are well built and allow with regard to plenty of room. The racehorses here have 24/7 using pasture and shelter.

At this point, the critic was through to the horse, and am not able to seem to get him to complete much. I watched your ex as she sat right now there. Suddenly I found myself quelling a smirk. She viewed ridiculous up there. My spouse and I never did figure out what this lady was trying to do just, that she couldn’t get the well-trained bay-to-neck aber to save her life. At this point, both the horse’s owners Ire are by no means experienced pony riders. I would classify myself personally as being somewhere between a novice and intermediate rider, while the owner is a novice. Both of us are able to the neck and throat rein this horse without difficulty.

It was this observation that brought me to the conclusion the critic was not so knowledgeable about horses after all. “So this is how some folks talk some sort of horse’s price down. very well The revelation made me have fun openly. I was glad this type of “horse person” wouldn’t always be purchasing today. I wanted to determine whether this horse go to a fine, appreciative home. It was growing to be evident the critic ended up being neither.


The day was to be stuffed with revelations. After explaining with length how the gelding did not neck reign at altogether to be “plowed” to be ridden, the designer-clad critic asked us to see her horses for sale. She explained to all of us where she lived as well as requested we give her time for you to get home and get some tasks done before arriving.

“You are just going to love the Ginger, ” she informed the owner. “She is the ideal little mare for you. She actually is as gentle as a cat. ”

Later that time we eagerly set off to go to Ginger and hoped she would be everything the essential claimed she was. My buddy had been so disappointed with her first horse buy she was beginning to obtain disenchanted about the whole horse-ownership prospect. I knew what having her own horse meant to the girl. I’d been there; going through race horses to find just the right match. From the stressful roller-coaster ride. “How much is it to buy a horse? ” “What questions does a person ask about a horse? very well “How do I know it does not take the right horse? ” Your thoughts can drown in a ton of concerns.

As we neared the four corners she’d defined to us, my friend referred to as her number. “Wait now. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes and you can follow me for you to my house. ” 10 minutes, 15 mins, 20 minutes, a fifty percent hour, and still no indication of the well-dressed critic. All of us called her again. Almost all we got this time was the girl’s voice mail. 10 much more minutes later we chose to start driving down the road the girl said she lived upon. Thank goodness she’d at least informed us what direction to show when she was back again at my place.

Since she would tell us she ended up being only 10 minutes down the road in the four corners we were bewildered about where in the world she was living after 20 minutes involving travel down an intensely wooded, back road.

“Call her again, ” My spouse and I said. “I think she has stalling us so this lady can ride the besides out of that horse and acquire her calm enough for you to ride when we get there. very well Something was fishy, quite fishy.

Another 10 minutes involved driving and I caught some sort of glimpse of a woman browsing tall grass holding typically the reins of a paint pony. “There she is, ” My spouse and I pointed. We pulled in is actually amazement and studied the alteration before us. The pro had become just another person striving to control an obviously sizzling and nervous horse.

“Ginger” the “sweet, gentle” litorale was in reality “Ginger typically the terrible. ” She ended up being nervous and jumpy. Your ex feet were in weak shape. The critic possessed such a severe bit throughout her mouth, neither my good friend nor I would have at any time trusted ourselves with this sort of bit; not that we at any time would have ridden her first of all. There was no question; she ended up being far from the horse my good friend was looking for.

“I paid $5, 000. 00 for her nevertheless I’ll let her select $2, 500. 00, very well the critic declared. Many of us thanked her for her a moment, trying to keep our chuckles suppressed long enough to get to the auto and drive away, we waved goodbye.


There are one or more answers to such a question. While my friend and I laughed right home we realized a number of key points to always keep in mind when you find yourself shopping for a good, well-broke pony;

1 . You can’t ride report and you can’t ride very. So make sure you pay more care about how well-broke the pony is; how are its terrain manners, how is it to the farrier, can whether the owner finishes it up and ride that while you watch?

2 . May ever consider buying an equine that is already sweaty and possesses already been ridden when you arrive. You have no idea what the horse has been like being caught, getting tacked, and when the riders first began riding that.

3. Never be afraid of someone’s knowledge – or perhaps purported knowledge about horses. One of the most knowledgeable people will be the 1st to tell you anyone can easily always find out something they will didn’t know before concerning horses.

4. Always move to see a horse you are considering acquiring with a knowledgeable person who can assist you. Two heads are always a lot better than one.

5. Find out who will be a trustworthy person to get a horse from and who will be not. Ask around. Word of mouth trips fast when there is a deceitful person out there. Believe me, my friend and I have advised our adventure to every person we know!

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