Best Places to Relax and Read a Book

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Reading a book is a good source of knowledge, but it’s worth a lot more. Reading helps reduce stress, improves memory, and increases empathy and concentration. So, if it’s the weekend, there’s a chance you might enjoy reading a book. And as you flip or scroll through the pages, some prefer finding a quiet, comfortable space to read, while others don’t mind the noise. As a bookworm myself, I enjoy reading in the following areas:


Public Library 

Where books find a home, a public library is every reader’s dream. A place full of books, other readers, and the warming smell of book pages. Not only will you get the chance to read, but you get to choose between thousands of books. 


Next to the Fireplace 

If you live somewhere cold, then most likely, the fireplace would be on during winter. Of course, that’s to keep you warm, but it’ll also add a touch to your reading experience. Sounds like a cup of hot chocolate would be good at that point as well.


Coffee Shops

A cup of good coffee and a book to get lost in, what more could you ask for? Many people go to coffee shops to work, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a great book with a cup of your favorite coffee. Hence, if you’re looking to spend your time reading in a public area, a coffee shop is never a bad idea. 


The Park 

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If you’re looking for an outdoor space and some fresh air, then a green park would be perfect. Find a space you feel comfortable to sit down and relax as you enjoy nature and get some vitamin D while reading. If you live in Dubai, Al Ittihad Park is where you should go. Across the 1.1 million sq. ft. park, you’ll definitely find a comfortable spot somewhere around. 



Going on your next trip? There’s a way to make time fly; read a book. Whether you’re sitting comfortably in the plane or waiting for boarding, the company of a book will never let you down. Once you’re sitting there reading your book, there’s nothing better. 


Your Comfy Bed 

If you don’t feel sleepy while reading in bed, then you can read anywhere. Many people enjoy reading in bed; studies show that it reduces stress. After a long day, it’s always a good idea to get some rest in bed with a cup of tea and a book in hand. 


A Comfortable Chair

The chair you use for clothes in your bedroom can be used to read books instead. If it’s comfortable, you can sit there and get lost while reading. You never know; the experience might transfer you into a different world. Whatever you’re reading, a comfortable chair could be suitable if it’s in a quiet, properly lit area.

There’s always something new to learn from a book, but sometimes it’s hard to focus, and that’s why it’s always important to look for the perfect reading spot. After all, reading books has been known as a leisurely and educational activity throughout history.


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