Best Duvet Insert For Hot Sleepers


If you suffer from night sweats, it’s essential that your bedding be designed to wick away moisture so your body can regulate temperature more comfortably. This may mean switching out flannel or satin sheets for something more breathable, like cotton or linen. How to find the best cooling sheets?

Duvet inserts are comprised of down, feathers, or synthetic fill and secured in place with a duvet cover; conversely, comforters often need to be equipped with such protection and may be more challenging to switch out when desired.


If you prefer duvet inserts that won’t let you sleep too hot, AmazonBasics makes an excellent selection. Crafted of highly breathable, alternative material that won’t trap heat like memory foam.

It’s also OEKO-TEX certified for added peace of mind during production and comes in various sizes – queen and king are available.

Reversible microfiber fabric is soft and easy to care for, offering multiple colors. For dorm rooms or smaller bedrooms without enough funds to purchase an entire comforter set, reversible microfiber is a cost-effective alternative with plenty of color choices.

This duvet insert is ideal for hot sleepers as its design wicks away moisture and dissipates heat efficiently. Made of aerated polyfoam and convoluted polyfoam materials that increase airflow to maintain temperature neutrality in your mattress, this duvet insert can keep temperatures in balance throughout the night.


Rest Duvet’s Evercool Comforter lives up to its name with its lightweight fabric designed to draw moisture away from your body and keep you cool during sleeping. Furthermore, lightweight material will ensure you do not become overheated while sleeping.

This duvet cover comes in various colors and sizes to meet your needs and comes equipped with corner loops to make attachment easier if desired. Plush yet allergy-friendly down alternative fill mimics its plushness without using animal products or triggering allergies.

It has three warmth levels to suit every lifestyle and has temperature-regulating hollow microfiber construction to keep you cool and comfy throughout the night.


Heat sleepers should opt for duvet inserts made of moisture-wicking material to help avoid night sweats, such as those from Rest, Plushbeds, or AmazonBasics.

Wool comforters offer an alternative to synthetic materials for those seeking comfort without synthetic allergens, providing thermoregulation while simultaneously wicking away moisture.

A duvet is a versatile bedding that can quickly adapt to changing seasons. Not only is it perfect for cold sleepers, but its hypoallergenic composition also makes it suitable for people suffering from allergies.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is a premium natural latex bed with an organic cotton cover and GOTS-certified wool padding to provide maximum comfort while alleviating pressure points and encouraging spinal alignment. In addition, using Talalay latex helps relieve pressure points for enhanced spinal alignment.

This mattress may be less budget-friendly, and assembly may be required – which may make it less ideal for consumers who prefer more accessible options; however, natural materials make this product stand out as it allows consumers to experiment with various firmness levels.


Luzern offers an impressive variety of duvet inserts to choose from. One that stands out is this bamboo viscose shell version with cool-to-the-touch material that’s easy to wash and will last years after purchase. Plus, they provide a 90-night sleep trial period and a lifetime warranty, so it’s an ideal solution for affordable yet quality sleeping needs.

The company offers an impressive selection of down-free slumber mates. Their flagship device, an octamer containing European white down and fitted with four sizes to meet individual needs, comes in four sizes and boasts additional functionalities such as matching pillows and quilted covers – an ideal solution for hot sleepers as well as their pampered pets alike!

For optimal restful nights of restful rest, upgrade your bedding now and take advantage of free two-day shipping on orders over $75 from The Company Bed.

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