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Best Child Education Plan Lic is something that parents today rely on. LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India holds the record of being the most seasoned and the most solid life coverage organization in India. It was authorized by the Life Insurance Corporation Act that was passed by the Parliament of India first September 1956. The unwinding of the strict guidelines in the protection segment was started by the Government of India in January 2002 to present private parts in the business, subsequently breaking LIC’s syndication.

Nonetheless, regardless of upwards of 23 rivals in the business, LIC holds client dependability attributable to its substantial market presence and powerful item. It brags of a larger part of the pie piece with more than 250 million clients. It spends significant time in a broad scope of protection plans like LIC youngster plans, reserve funds, Best Child Education Plan Lic, speculation plans, wellbeing plans, pulled back plans, miniature protection plans, and so on. According to 2016 information, its benefit esteem is assessed at INR 2,529,390 crore or US$370 billion.

A toddler plan not only enables dad and mom to secure the destiny in their kids financially, however additionally acts because the mum or dad in case of the absence of the actual discerns. Best Child Education Plan Lic guarantee parents of their potential to be responsible issuers for their kids and guarantee a financially stable future.



After studying every licensed education plan carefully, we can say the best LIC Child Education Plan is JEEVAN TARUN, PLAN NO – 934, UIN: 512N299V02.

This plan is in particular designed to satisfy the instructional and different wishes of developing children thru annual Survival Benefit payments from a long time 20 to 24 years and Maturity Benefit at the age of 25 years.

With a Best Child Education Plan Lic, you can be assured that your child’s education will now not be interrupted even after your surprising loss of life. In case this type of scenario arises, your insurance provider can pay a positive percent of the sum assured or a lump sum right away. Besides, it also starts providing annual pay-outs until the cease of the policy tenure.

LIC Jeevan Tarun is an infant plan. It has the following key capabilities:

  • It is a participating plan that offers the policyholder participation within the organization’s earnings within the shape of a bonus.
  • It is a local top class price coverage wherein the top class is to be paid for a limited duration.
  • The plan offers maturity benefits while the child is 25 years old.
  • The plan is a non-related plan that affords the dual gain of protection and saves for the advantage of kids.
  • The plan provides the policyholder to select from four alternatives for survival blessings.
  • The coverage may be introduced by using grandparent or discern of an infant of age 0 to twelve years.
  • The date of commencement of danger for youngsters who are much less than eight years antique is two years, and for kids who are eight years vintage or extra, the danger coverage commences at once.

BENEFITS OF Best Child Education Plan Lic

LIC has several policies for child education, and Jeevan Tarun is the most beneficial for you. As a policy taker, you have it to be the best that takes care of your family even after you. A Family Man understands the real meaning of a Child Education plan.

So, let us take a look at the benefits of the Best Child Education Plan Lic.

  • The plan can pay a survival advantage that’s a hard and fast percentage of the sum confident as decided on all through the degree of the policy’s thought. The advantage is paid after the completion of twenty years and then every four years after that.
  • Maturity benefit, a hard and fast percentage of the sum assured, is paid if the insured infant services the plan’s period.
  • The plan offers a participation advantage inside the income of the organization. When the claim is made, the plan will pay accumulated easy reversionary bonus and other bonus, if any, along with death or maturity advantage.

What is the declare agreement manner for LIC Child Plans?

For the declare settlement method, the nominee of the LIC Child Plan has to be bodily present at a LIC branch for the customer support to guide them through the method.

Can LIC Child Education Plan be trusted?

Yes, LIC Education Plan is undoubted to be trusted. LIC is a renowned organization which is working for several years. There are several satisfied customers of LIC. LIC has helped several students in their education. In today's world, you will see that everyone is taking education policy for their child.

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