Bbg Fitness Review: Your Ultimate Guide


So, before we start the Bbg Fitness Review, let me tell you more about Bbg and the whole story…

BBG stands for Bikini Body Guides, which are training programs created by Sweat Trainer Kayla Itsines to help women become stronger, fitter, and more confident!

Kayla has created BBG to be completed at home, outdoors, or in a gym, with minimal equipment-making it easy for women to get into a great workout wherever they are!

The Bikini Body Guide (BBG) program is a 4-6 session-a-week program that includes high-intensity plyometric exercises and cardio and recovery sessions suitable for women of all fitness levels!

Bbg Fitness review – Plyometric training is a form of ”jump training,” which means that the workouts consist of exercises that make your muscles exercise maximum strength in a short period.

Kayla’sKayla’s own research and experience have shown that this training style is a great way to reach and maintain a strong, toned physics.

Kayla’sKayla’s BBG 1.0 (weeks 1-12) and 2.0 (weeks 13-24) programs are available for digital purchase as eBooks.

The Sweat App

You will find Kayla’sKayla’s BBG curriculum from Starter Week 1 or Regular Training in the Sweat app!

Beginner weeks and Weeks 25 onwards are unique to the Sweat app, and you’ll see up to 92 weeks of Resistance exercises that you can complete.

As you advance through the curriculum, the workouts’ difficulty and sophistication will improve as you get stronger, more fit, and more secure!

You can keep reading Bbg Fitness review, or you can visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for a free 7-day preview.

Bbg Fitness Review: Rounds

Let me now show you a Bbg Fitness review for an expert user on the rounds from 1 to 3….

Round 1

“The first time I started the class, I loved it. It was great because of where I was in my life. I’ve always been active and fit, but I didn’tdidn’t start from scratch. I was still not at my fittest point, though, so I had some serious work to do.

I’m the kind of person who likes variety, so I loved that the exercises had many different movements.

And the holy cow, it was Rough. Not the steps directly (except the jumping lungs… the sucked ones), but they were all demanding enough to leave you drenched in sweat as you practised them consecutively without stopping.

My leg’s days left me super sore, and the arms and ab days left me fairly sore. Usually, after days of full-body, I wasn’twasn’t super sore.

I had to try to be very mindful of my shape to make sure my knees weren’tweren’t falling over my toes. This was probably a positive thing because the form is the #1 thing you need to work on to get results.

However, this highlighted that this is not a good curriculum for someone with a broken knee or a bad back. It’sIt’s a high-impact exercise. “”

Bbg Fitness Review: Round 2 and Round 3

In January, I started my second round of Bbg Fitness review, and I was pumped. This was going to be where I started to make big improvements. I knew that. My power began to grow during the program, and I was delighted to be able to rock out 15 full-body pushes without stopping.

There was no denying that I was certainly beginning to see even more definitions of my body.

So, the app isn’tisn’t bad, and I think it’s helpful.


Is the Bbg app better, or going to the gym?

the app is $20 a month, which will be at the top of the gym membership. But, if you have what it takes, the app will help you a lot more.