Barstool Sports Pizza Review- The Best Pizza Review Guy


Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports and a pizza connoisseur. Dave on his YouTube channel One Bite Pizza Reviews has almost tried every pizza joint in the states. Barstool Sports Pizza Review has made up its mission to review as many brands and varieties of pizza in the United States. He has visited many of the highest-rated pizza joints there are to accomplish this goal.


Dave Owns a pop culture blog and YouTube channel, podcasts, sports projections, and interviews. In his pizza review channel, he invites many guests to increase his popularity in terms of followers. He is a celebrity now with a huge fan following due to his outspoken and often controversial views.


Barstool Sports Pizza Review– Unbelievable Method of Reviewing


Dave was born in Massachusetts in 1977. Did his high school and graduated, then moved to Boston and began working at a market research firm. He has a lot amount of interest in sports and thus, founded Barstool in 2003. It is a pop culture blog with a sports theme. Over the years, Barstool gained a lot of audience through sports reviews, podcasts, and blogs. His love for pizza made him start a YouTube channel where he reviews pizza joints. The man eats pizza every day for his audience.


Barstool Sports Pizza Review videos are unique in their way. Dave had every kind of pizza like The New York-style, Italian, Mexican, etc. Dave posts pizza reviews every Monday without fail at 6 pm ET. The video starts with him walking out with the pizza box in his hands. He gives a little overview of the place and the city. He generally has one camera guy with him to film. Then he opens the box and starts grazing over the pizza.


Dave has a strict rule that he reviews the pizza in just one bite. It is his channel’s uniqueness that he gives so much information about the pizza. Dave knows everything about pizzas and gives the best review of the ones he eats. Dave then rates the pizza from One to Ten and likes it to be the perfect gourmet style.


His specialty is he doesn’t only go the famous joints but also the other small business to get them what they deserve. Dave’s videos have many small joints as he only cares about the taste, not the place. He has reviewed more than 1000+ pizza joints on his YouTube channel all over the United States and intends to do more.

One more thing about Dave’s pizza reviews is that he brings various guests on the YouTube channel like Kevin Harts, Paige, Diplo, Dr. Phil, Denny Hamlin, Jake Paul, Bobby Flay, etc. This makes him the king of pizza reviews.


Barstool Sports Pizza Review– Exclusive Mobile App


Barstool Sports Pizza Review introduces the app called One Bite. Started as a video series, Dave Portnoy started this app for pizza lovers. The app has all the pizza reviews complete with videos, scores, and location. The users on the app can upload their reviews for any of the 100,000+ restaurants available in the app. You can get home deliveries from popular pizza joints. The Barstool Sports Pizza Review app is very interactive and has the best reviews of all the pizza joints you tend to go to.

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What is Dave Portnoy’s age?

Dave Portnoy is 43 years old.

When did he start his YouTube channel?

Did JohnCena appear on his channel for pizza review?

Yes, JohnCena did appear on his channel, and that video has over 1.4 million views.

Does Dave’s app “One Bite” allow you to make orders for home delivery?

Yes, the app does offer home delivery from top pizza joints.