Avoid Bad Impressions with Your Brand by Following These Tips

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When you’re managing a brand, the last thing you’d want to encounter is bad publicity. Yes, it’s still going to create buzz around your brand. But do you think it would do more good than bad? You can’t just risk your brand’s reputation like that.  

Lapses will definitely occur throughout the time of your management. These lapses may happen because of different circumstances. Next thing you know, your brand has already been tainted. You definitely don’t want to go through that. See how you can take control over misconceptions about your brand.

Check out these tips that you can apply.:

Acknowledge negative feedback   

Getting a bad review from a client could be damaging to your brand’s reputation. But you can actually take over and contain it before everything goes haywire. The first thing you have to do is to acknowledge your business’s shortcomings. You can do this by responding to negative feedback from your clients. In 2018, a survey was conducted by ReviewTrackers. They found out that more than half of the surveyed participants expect businesses to respond to their negative feedback within a week.

This only means one thing. If you’re running a business, you’re not supposed to ignore any kind of feedback. Whether it’s positive or not. And if you get the negative ones, make sure to acknowledge them immediately. This is to show your clients that you’re actively listening to their complaints.    

Promote responsibly  

Putting your brand out in the wild may give you so many advantages. There are over 230 million digital shoppers in the US alone. With this figure, there’s definitely no reason for you to not get your brand to be known online. But of course, promoting your brand is a responsibility. You don’t want people to get wrong information about your brand because of misrepresentation. What you can do is to hire individuals that do reputable website design.

Make sure that they understand how you want your brand to be perceived by consumers. Have them put significant brand information on your website. Do this by displaying short clips or infographics. This way, it’ll be clear for potential clients what to expect when they patronize your business. Giving out accurate information could help prevent people from formulating misconceptions.    

Damage control  

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There are times when we’ve done everything to our ability, but we’re still receiving bad perceptions from clients. In this instance, you have to be in alert mode. Getting negative feedback could be challenging. But how you handle these negative reviews is what really matters. Just like what was mentioned above, acknowledge your lapses first. Respond to customer critiques while empathizing with them.

That doesn’t stop there. Make it up for the client’s inconvenience by finding solutions to their complaint. The next thing you should do is to find the root cause of the flaw to avoid it from occurring to other clients. This way, you’re able to address your customer’s problem while reducing the risk of it from happening to others. Damage control is an important stage to keep your brand’s reputation immaculate.    

Deliver quality service  

We couldn’t settle for doing damage control forever. There’s something wrong if you’re continuously receiving bad reviews. There’s certainly a problem with how the business is being managed. Don’t let your business reach point. When you start a business, it’s your pledge to deliver quality service to your clients. You should be giving your all to avoid negative feedback at all costs.

That should be your main goal in the first place. This is good not only for your customers. You can also benefit from your quality service. By providing only your best to your clients, it can save you time and money. Imagine how much money you could save if there are no refunds and item returns. You can do so much more if you’re providing excellent service right from the start.    

Engage with clients  

We tend to think that business communications should only be transactional. That’s right in a sense. But you should know that people trust businesses more if they can see their human side. An example of this is when your help desk is filled with bots and automation. People may perceive that your customer support system is dysfunctional. Engaging with clients in the most human approach is the way to go. It could help you connect with your customers effectively.

Another way to engage with clients is to thank them for their positive reviews. Yes, you’re expected to deliver your best. But showing a little gratitude to their appreciation could earn you more clients.    

It takes a lot of hard work to establish a brand identity. You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste. That’s why it’s important to take care of your business’s reputation. It’s the only way for people to see your brand in a positive light

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