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Life is full of ups and downs. It is a mature decision to walk together with good company in life for growth. Aviva Insurance Reviews is about a firm that helps you live a balanced life in many ways.

It is one of the oldest insurance companies formed in 1696. Improving with time, it has become a leading insurance provider to many people across the globe. After all, a legacy of 300 plus years is not a joke. By surviving through different markets, it has always come out to be a valuable firm.

They have gained so much experience in helping people make their decisions for a better quality of life. Trusted by 34 million people, they are looked up to by many other companies. In this article about Aviva Insurance Reviews, we will discuss more related to them.

Aviva Insurance Reviews

Aviva Insurance Reviews: What are its most popular plans?

There are some plans which are more popular among the people. It is because of the extra perks they provide. Some of the key benefits are:

  • they can choose from multiple premium payment frequencies
  • tax deduction and tax exemption facility
  • Cover plans with fixed payouts for the education of children
  • In case of the death of an insured parent, no need to pay future premiums
  • As per the risk, having the option of choosing the insurance plan

The name of some of the popular plans are:

  • Aviva New Wealth Builder
  • Aviva i-Growth
  • Aviva New Family Income Builder
  • Aviva Young Scholar Secure

The need for these plans is because of the managing of future needs. For help in education, business, healthcare, and other sectors. For different age-group of people, there are several plans. These help to survive and prepare for every stage of a person’s life.

Aviva Insurance Reviews: What other policies do they offer?

Aviva Insurance Reviews

Till now, we have seen the most popular policies they have. Now, let us have a look at other plans which they offer. According to your situation, you can select a plan for your benefit. The list includes plans for:

  1. Term plans:
  • Aviva Life Shield Advantage
  • Aviva Jana Suraksha
  1. Savings Plan: Some of the saving plans are
  • Aviva Affluence
  • Aviva Guaranteed Income Plan
  • Aviva i-Growth
  • Aviva Income Suraksha
  1. Retirement plans: The plans for old age people are
  • Aviva Annuity Plus
  • Aviva Next Innings Pension Plans
  1. Online plans: Some of them are
  • Aviva i-growth
  • Aviva New Income family Builder
  1. Child Plan: It has a plan known as
  • Aviva Young Scholar Secure
  1. Group Plans: For a group of people, these plans are
  • Aviva Group Term Life
  • Aviva Group Credit Life
  • Aviva Corporate Life Plus

You can see these plans cover all stages of life, from childhood to death. Thus they provide full life support to their customer.

Aviva Insurance Reviews: How has it survived the test of time?

Aviva Insurance Reviews: They have been serving people for over 300 years and hence have been highly popular. They have a legacy of fame. In this long period, Aviva has provided plans for a list of celebrities:

  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • John F Kennedy
  • Agatha Christie
  • James Bond
  • Duke of Wellington
  • Sir Isaac Newton

These people have got the benefit of its policies. Such famous people have trusted them and got the benefits. Hence, Aviva Insurance Reviews tells the success story of the company. Go and secure an insurance plan for yourself.

Aviva Insurance Reviews


How can we know which policy is best for us?

You can consult with them and have the best plan for yourself.

Is it true that they are in the market for over 300 years?

Yes, they were formed in 1696 and are still growing

Do they cover life policies?

Yes, they cover almost every part of life in their plans.