At $19,500, Is This 1975 Ford B-100 Panel Truck a Uncommon Deal?

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Nice Price or No Dice 1975 Ford B-100 Carryall

The vendor of at the moment’s Nice Price or No Dice B-100 says it’s the one panel model they’ve ever seen within the U.S. Let’s see if it’s priced to quickly be seen in a brand new proprietor’s driveway.

Yesterday’s 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 convertible had loads going for it. Most of its foibles had already been addressed, it regarded properly stored within the photos, and it wore a reasonably new set of tires. At 142K, nonetheless, it additionally had numerous miles on the clock. That appeared to mood curiosity within the automotive even at its $23,500 asking worth. In the end, the pluses outweighed the minuses, giving the AWD Porsche a 62 % Good Value win.

As lovers, we frequently lament the vehicles and vans denied to our explicit market. The Federal 25-year rule affords some salve to that misery, however even that doesn’t handle the prices and machinations required to move a automotive from one continent to a different once you’ve received one thing as large as an ocean in between. However what if the automobile you need—one which was by no means bought in your explicit nation—was proper subsequent door?

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That’s the case with at the moment’s 1975 Ford B-100 Panel Truck. Whereas primarily based on the F-Collection, which has been bought within the U.S. since like perpetually, the Carryall line has remained unique to Latin American markets. Why did Ford select to not convey the 2, three, and four-door wagons to its largest and most worthwhile market? Who is aware of. Perhaps, within the spirit of competitors, Ford fretted that the Carryall line would spell sure doom for GM’s Suburban vans.

For whatever reason, this clever and handsome B-100 panel is here as a private party import, and according to the seller, it may be the only one on U.S. soil.

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As noted, the base for this truck is Ford’s F-Series, and everything on it from the B-pillar forward will be very familiar to fans of the brand. Behind that, though, is an enclosed and windowless cabin with utilitarian double doors.

The paint looks like a reasonably recent respray and the truck rolls on polished alloy wheels that give it a clean appearance. All of the glass appears to be intact, as do all the lights, with, notably, the tail lamps looking like they came off a contemporary Dodge pickup. Per the seller, the truck is in great shape and is not a “rust bucket.”

The drivetrain is comprised of a 302 CID V8 paired with a four-speed manual gearbox featuring an ultra-low first. Power steering has been added, however, the truck has neither A/C nor heat installed. Standard F-Series parts should fit in either case.

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The cabin is spartan, offering just the basics and a snaky shift lever sprouting from the rubber-clad floor. There are a pair of cloth-covered seats up front, as well as a third, occasional seat in between those. Nothing about the interior looks out of sorts and the seller presents it honestly.

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According to that seller’s description, this B-100 originally served a family business “deep in Mexico.” The business must have not required much of the truck since it only has 59,995 miles on the odo. Some of that mileage was likely making its way across the border to the U.S. where it now lives with a clean title and an Arizona registration.

The asking price for this simple and fairly exclusive truck is $19,500 and the seller touts that another Carryall nicknamed “El Chapo” bought at public sale for greater than ten instances that quantity.

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It ought to be famous that this explicit truck was bid as much as $27K on Bring a Trailer again in March of this 12 months, seemingly with no sale.

What do you assume, is $19,500 a good worth now for the truck because it’s offered within the advert? Or, is that this a Carryall with a worth that makes it not price caring about?

You determine!

San Diego, California, Craigslist, or go here if the advert disappears.

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