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Amica Insurance Reviews – The Amica insurance company was established in 1907. It is an amazing insurance company that offers great services and discounts to its policyholders. The Amica insurance company is loved by the people due to its low rates. In the United States, it is believed to be the oldest of all mutual insurers of automobiles. Amica Insurance Reviews

Auto Insurance by Amica

The auto insurance offered by Amica is very simple and easy. It is popular among people due to the discount it offers and amazing coverage availability.

What coverage is offered by Amica Auto Insurance?

Some of the coverage for the Platinum option are listed below:

Coverage for a full glass

Amica Insurance Reviews – If you have this coverage so you do not have to pay for the glass replacement or repairment. It can prove to be good coverage for those who need repair of car windshield or window on regular basis. By this coverage, no additional price is added to glass repair.

Coverage for accident forgiveness and good driving reward

Amica Insurance Reviews – You are rewarded with points for good driving in this coverage. These points can turn advantageous to you in accident forgiveness. The increase in cost in case of an accident can be avoided by this coverage policy. In paying deductibles these points can be used. The best thing about this is that the points never expire, so they could be used whenever needed.

Coverage for Prestige Rental

When your vehicle is in an accident you are offered up to $5,000 towards the rental of a comparable automobile. There is no set limit about how much of the amount can be used on a daily basis.

What discounts are offered by Amica Auto Insurance?

Some of the discounts offered by Amica auto insurance are listed below:

Amica Insurance Reviews

Full payment discount

Prior to when your first bill is due the entire policy premium is paid.

Auto anti-theft discount

An anti-theft device is installed in your vehicle.

Discount for autopay

Your account is set so that it becomes able to bill automatically.

Homeowner Insurance by Amica

What coverage is offered by Amica Homeowner Insurance?

Many coverages are offered by Amica some of which are discussed below

Coverage for personal property replacement

Up to the coverage limit, the policy is designed to pay for the replacement or repair of your personal goods if they are damaged.

Work-related home coverage

Amica Insurance Reviews – If the work-related goods are lost or stolen so this policy provides full coverage. The coverage is also provided in case work-related injuries are caused at home. Amica Insurance Reviews

Coverage for dwelling replacement

Amica Insurance Reviews – If the price to repair or replace your house is exceeding the coverage limits so this program helps you. Up to a 30% increase to your dwelling coverage is paid by this policy.

Disastrous coverage

This coverage pays for property damage due to floods or earthquakes. The program is designed to help you in case of such disasters.

What discounts are offered by Amica Homeowner Insurance?

Amica Insurance Reviews – The Amica Homeowner insurance provides the policyholder with many discounts. Some of the discounts offered by Amica Homeowner insurance are listed below:

Alarm System discount

The thief alarm is installed in your house. It also includes the installation of a sprinkler system and fire alarm.

Discount for Automatic detection devices

Gas or water leaks could be detected by smart technology.

Discount for auto payment

Your price could be lessened when bills are paid through the automatic payment system.


  • Many discounts are available.
  • A number of coverages available.
  • Many options are available for payment plans.
  • A high customer satisfaction rate is observed


  • The online quote tool asks the users to calculate their own replacement value.

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