A Memorable Trip to Seattle in 2021

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Seattle is the largest city not only in Washington state but also in the entire north-western part of the United States. It is comfortably located between the Pacific Puget Bay and Lake Washington, 140 km from the border with Canada. Seattle is rightly called the “emerald city” – there are many green spaces, parks, gardens, flower beds. At the same time, it is a city of glass and concrete, a city of bold architectural solutions, a city striving for the future.

Seattle is vibrant, dynamic, welcoming, and multifaceted – the tourist will find many interesting places in it. In this review, you can have a look at the must-see places in this city. If you are planning to explore this city anytime. Soon, plan your trip, make frontier airlines booking online, and save up to 40% off on every flight to Seattle. Visit now and explore the top places in Seattle that will make your trip worth a visit. 

Seattle Waterfront

The best place to walk in any city is the waterfront. Especially when it comes to Seattle. Here it is a real cocktail of unusual and sophisticated objects. On one side, you’ll see luxury hotels and restaurants, on the other, freight ferries use to be crossing Puget Sound. 

A vast Ferris wheel, an aquarium building, and many souvenir shops finish this enchanting picture, praiseworthy of the brush of the finest urbanists and marine painters. To fully enjoy the experience, and at the same time and calmly think about what to do in Seattle, you can order some light takeaway at one of the local cafes and go to the park on the waterfront.

Pike Place Market

This is a huge, huge market. It is located on the coast of Elliott Bay and covers an area of ​​over 3.6 hectares. The Giant Bazaar is a complex of buildings, the highest of which has 6 floors. It sells vegetables, pastries, clothing, books, seafood, flowers, cosmetics – literally everything you can imagine. Besides shops, there are many cafes and eateries. The free corners happen to be always engaged by actors, street musicians, and magicians who gather a lot of viewers around them.

Chewing gum wall

A kind of city landmark, which is a wall pasted over from top to bottom with chewing gum. It all started in 1993 when the students standing in line at the theater box offices began to glue coins here out of boredom with the help of chewing gum. Until 1999, the authorities tried to fight this outrage, but then they gave up. Since then, the wall has become a tourist attraction.

Public Library (Seattle Public Library)

This is one of the most interesting buildings in the city. The design was by the famous Dutch architect RemmentKoolhaas. The monumental structure of steel and glass rises 56 meters (11 floors) and has a very unusual shape – its walls are inclined planes, and there are few right angles in the structure. But the library inside is even more interesting. It uses a non-standard book storage system, and most of the huge space is given directly to readers.

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Must-Do Things to do While In Seattle

Sailing (nearby hotels)

Sailing tends to limit your budget a little, but Seattle’s Wooden Boat Center may be one of the few places where you can sail for free. At their location on Lake Union, not only can visitors take all sorts of lessons and lessons, but every Sunday they can go on the water with volunteer skippers and crew on spiritual boats, electric boats, schooners, steamers, and sometimes on yachts with not paying a dime.

Capture a Selfie at the Famous Fremont Troll (Hotels Nearby)

The Fremont area is north of the city center and offers the possibility of selfies with the troll, the troll from Fremont. An 18-foot one-eyed troll happens to live under the Aurora Bridge, grasping onto a Volkswagen Bug. This two-ton sculpture, which is been there nearly for three decades, is of concrete, wire, and steel, with a cap serving as his only good eye.

Pike Place Market (Nearby Hotels)

Pike Place Market is the oldest permanent farmer’s market in the United States, dating back to 1907. An open-air market featuring a vast range of fresh harvest, seafood, and flowers, as well as underground shops selling unique items, including antiques, handicrafts, and more.

Eat Local Seafood

When visiting the area, be sure to try the local seafood. I highly recommend the soup, especially if you can find it in local baked goods, perfect for warming up on a cold day. The whole city is famous for its seafood, especially salmon.


Seattle is a great destination that you can visit throughout the year. The colder months are perfect for fans of winter sports and those wanting to experience Seattle’s Christmas weather. Seattle offers a wide variety of lodging alternatives. So, what are you looking for? Plan your getaway to USA with AirlinesMap and personalize your itinerary accordingly. Also, make sure that you explore all these places that are a must-see in Seattle!

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