A Highway Driving Permit?


If we are serious about reducing traffic deaths on our roads, we may need to take drastic measures as a society. Is it time to get your highway driver’s license? What you should consider about köpa körkort.

We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Those of us who spent significant time on the highways over the last two weekends hope to have avoided any seriously traumatic incidents.

The holiday season seems to bring out the worst in our highway drivers. I sat back in almost complete disbelief as I cruised the highways. Is it possible that virtually no one can no longer drive on our roads? Is it just that the minority who don’t stand out so prominently that it appears that almost everyone is at risk?

Younger, inexperienced drivers are heading to college. Senior drivers poke along, seemingly oblivious to the four vehicles before them.

Drivers from all walks of life who only use the highways a few times a year to visit Grandma or their favorite vacation spot.

Drivers who drive so infrequently that they don’t even own a car. They rent one, dust off their driver’s license, and hit the highways, putting themselves and the rest of us in grave danger.

Almost everywhere, there are rolling roadblocks on cruise control, being cut off by faster drivers who have no idea about throttle steer, what kind of suspension they have, and how it affects their handling.

Numerous citizens have no idea how their cars will react in an emergency maneuver and, worse, have no idea how to control it if it starts to go sideways.

“Pow!” Into a ditch, or worse, into another vehicle.

Cars weave back and forth in their lanes, drifting from side to side, unable to keep their buggies centered or unaware that they’re rocking. The same drivers cannot take even the slightest curve or turn without sliding completely out of their lane and dangerously close to other drivers, nervously avoiding them in the adjacent streets.

Tailgaters who have no idea what’s going on on the road beyond the bumper in front of them. Almost everywhere you look, drivers are mastering the art of being a road hazard.

Drivers whose only polished highway driving skill appears to be the innate ability to hang in the blind spot of another driver for miles on end.
And, sadly, yes – as a result? Accidents were everywhere, causing traffic to back up for miles. It’s not very pretty. Also, “Hey!” It’s always the fault of the other guy.

This writer has never advocated for more rules and regulations, but let’s be serious here. We can no longer tolerate these drivers on our highways. They’re just far too dangerous.

It’s time to get your Highway Driver’s License. So, how does it work?

Stuck somewhere between our regular (Class D in New York) driver’s license and a commercial license would be a Highway Class driver’s amendment or license. Driving on designated high-speed roads without one would become illegal.

While we would not advocate roadblocks to determine if a driver is properly licensed, the penalties for driving without one on the highway would be severe – possibly even temporary revocation.

So, how would we be able to obtain such a license? First, there would be two basic requirements.

First, drivers would have to pass a much more thorough written exam. The study for this test would cover fundamental highway driving principles. Consider looking past the bumper in front of you. The peril of tailgating. There are some gaps in how your vehicle’s suspension affects it. Smooth operation. The risk of causing a traffic jam. Identifying potential road hazards.

That sort of thing.

Following that would be some realistic periodic physical tests. A vision test to determine whether you can still see. A reaction test to test basic reflexes. Is the driver physically capable of operating a vehicle at high speeds?

What about a highway driving test? No! This will never happen.

To make such a test feasible, drivers must be tested to see if they are capable on roads where speed limits are fundamentally meaningless. To drive safely on the highway, you’re almost forced to exceed the speed limit, and failing drivers for not breaking the law would be politically incorrect! The powers would find such a meaningful and life-saving exercise completely unacceptable.

Safe highway driving isn’t about how fast or slow you go. It’s about driving a high-speed boulevard safely – at whatever speed you want to boogie.

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