A Checklist for Choosing the Best Driving Instructor


In today’s world, a driver’s license is a certificate of freedom for everyone. Everyone desires to be mobile and free to move around. In this regard, a driver’s license is essential. However, what is more, important is that, with more and more fast lanes and increasing traffic, one must be a good and agile driver. Being a good driver boils down to training from one of Victoria’s best schools. The presence of excellent and knowledgeable driving instructors distinguishes a good driving school. Steps to buy driver license.

A good driving instructor can make a huge difference in your driving experience. Your driving lessons will determine whether you are a traffic nightmare or one of the most competent drivers on the road. With hundreds of driving schools sprouting up in Melbourne and its suburbs, finding the right Driving Instructor for yourself, your children, or your relatives is critical. Here, I’d like to lay out some Checklists that I believe are very important when searching for and selecting the right Driving School.

  • Ask your friends and family: You’ve probably seen your father, best friend, or relative Driving well and wondered where they learned such great techniques. Nothing beats asking them and following up with their recommended Driving Instructor. Good driving instructors get a lot of referral business and have been in the industry for a long time. You will find them to be traditional businessmen with tips and tricks to teach you that other schools cannot. Therefore, only excellent instructors are recommended. You should investigate if you notice that more people are referring to the same driving school.
  • Driving Instructor Qualification: It is always advisable to investigate the qualifications of the Driving Instructor and the Driving Schools. To become an Instructor, they must have all the necessary certifications and licenses. The instructor training standards have been agreed upon nationally and are included in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). Automobile driving instructors must hold a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction). Ensure that the instructors have a high grade or the highest level of qualification.
  • Pass Rates: Before deciding on a driving school, please check with the School and conduct a search for passing rates at various driving schools. Ther on the internet and other mediums are schools with 100% pass rates; try to find a lesson from one of these schools.
  • Professional Approach to Driving: One good way to learn about a driving school is to speak with current trainees and pass outs and probably judge the Instructor’s and the School’s professional approach on the following parameters:
  1. Excellent People Skills.
  2. Patience and understanding for the students are required.
  3. A solid understanding of theory and practice and the ability to respond to questions.
  4. A great communicator with solid coaching abilities.
  5. Keep current on new laws and regulations by putting them into practice and theory.
  6. They have an excellent practical approach to real-time traffic and have some tricks up their sleeves.
  • Duration of the Course: Short courses should be avoided because they will lead you nowhere. Also, please avoid such institutions. A crash system will get you nowhere. Instead, choose schools with appropriate course lengths and a dedicated structure for you in theory and practical classes.
  • Car Type: They don’t always matter, but with the automobile industry changing so quickly and new features appearing, getting hands-on experience with the latest models is a good idea. Driving lessons require dual control. Try to get a good feel for dual-control cars and ensure the Instructor gives you one.

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