8 Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping For A Smart TV

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Smart TV, LED, OLED, 4K, 8K, HDR, and the list will simply grow over the passage of time. The TV space is witnessing continuous upgrading of technology and revolutionary changes. As a result, potential buyers are experiencing a tsunami of options but it is also making things more confusing for them. Are not you in a dilemma when it comes to buying a new TV – a 50-inch LED TV or something else? Yes, most of you are. 

Smart TV is definitely a preferred choice in the TV market and why not? It puts control right in your palms, relieving you from searching for the remote that you often leave here and there. How to make sure that you are buying the best smart TV? The followings are some tips to guide you. 

Screen Size

Whether it is a basic or a high-performer, screen size is the most important factor to consider when buying a TV. If you are living in a small apartment, a 50-inch LED TV will definitely not be the right pick. The bigger, the better! Many buyers tend to believe that. But you will never enjoy binge-watch or a cricket match on a giant screen. 

What if you live in a spacious flat? A small screen will not live up to your expectation. You will fail to enjoy what is happening on the small screen. Therefore, choosing the wrong TV size only means a waste of money. 

Decide where you will place your new TV and how many people are going to watch it at the same time. Choose a screen that you can comfortably accommodate into your space and what easily comes within your budget. Buy a TV that features a screen size perfect for your viewing from where you will sit. 

Screen Resolution

It is the next big thing to consider when buying a TV – 50-inch LED TV or Samsung Smart TV. Resolution is the number of dots that make up the images on the screen. The More, the better! Sharper pictures, vivid colors, and precise details make your viewing experience more exciting and enriching. So, it’s preferable to buy a TV coming with a higher resolution. But higher resolution means you have to pay more.

Full HD has long been a standard in the TV industry. But then the manufacturers switched to 4K, also known as Ultra HD. These deliver four times the pixels available on current HDTV screens. 

Refresh Rate

The faster, the better! Hertz (Hz) is the unit to measure the refresh rate. It measures how many times an image undergoes refreshment per second on the Samsung Smart TV screen. The standard rate is 60Hz/second. However, such a low refresh rate may make moving objects appear hazy on the screen. 

Hard-core gamers will definitely prefer a smart TV having a high refresh rate. The informed shoppers will not settle for anything less than a 120Hz refresh rate. 

Smart TVs or Non-Smart TVs

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The concept of Smart televisions is gaining momentum. A smart TV can connect to your home internet network and access online content. A smart TV does not have to rely on a USB drive, set-top device, Blue Ray Player, or Streaming Dongle to fetch content according to your needs. 

Smart TVs allow you to use the TV as a computer. You can perform internet surfing, website browsing, and social media activities on your computer screen. A Samsung Smart TV is definitely a smart choice for smart shoppers. 


A TV is not only a visual delight but also a sound sensation. It necessitates checking the quality of audio output before buying a TV. The higher the wattage, the louder the audio output! Loud sound is particularly important if you live in a spacious flat because the sound needs to travel a long distance and must come clear to your ear. 

Play a few loud action scenes on a 50-inch LED TV and judge if the audio outputs sound thin, hoarse, distorted in high volumes. The amount of detailing is a reliable parameter to judge if the sound quality is good or bad. 


Many buyers are too busy with other factors to pay attention to connectivity options. Check the number of HDMI ports because you will need to plug-n-use some external devices such as a soundbar, a game console, and a Chromecast   

Bells and Whistles

Most people tend to buy a feature-packed TV. But in reality, they never use all the features it comes with. Wastage of money for what you don’t need or seldom use! So, don’t get crazy over the bells and whistles; pay for what will always or often use.  


Though it appears at the end of the checklist, it is an important factor to guide and influence your purchase decision. Without the right budget assessment, you will end up making the wrong choice.

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