8 reasons why local sports should use a news website

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There are a whole range of reasons why local sports might want to consider having a presence on a locally focused news website. While the reasons for this may vary from one business to another, there are some common themes that almost all businesses can benefit from. Here I have listed 8 of those reasons: To find out more about reverery click here.

1. Your business can get new customers for free

Did you know that when someone googles your business, the top 10 results do not include any of your competitors? Experts say that this is because Google puts up two or three news sites at the top and bottom of its search page. Since news websites are always in the news, it is natural that people type in the news when they want to find the latest sports news. This means you will get a ton of free traffic if a top news company i.e Forbes, CNN or CSN Philly writes an article about your sports or mentions you in one of its articles.

2.  You can save on advertising

In addition to getting free traffic, a news website will also help you save money because it has a loyal following. People visit a news website every day because they want to catch up with the latest events and developments. You can tap into this momentum by using a news site for your advertisements. If CSN Philly writes an article about how your company helped a school get a new computer lab, people will be more inclined to believe you and patronize your business.

3. You can create valuable backlinks

One of the best ways to get a high rank in Google is by creating quality backlinks. Search engines like Google use website links as vote for other websites because they want to display the most helpful content at the top. That is why a link from a news website that is well-respected by Google will benefit your business tremendously.

4. You can improve your social media presence

In addition to sending traffic to your website, a news site can also help you improve your social media presence by promoting your products and services. For example, if you run a bakery and CSN Philly writes an article about your famous birthday cakes, people looking for birthday cake recipes might visit your site and maybe even send some business your way.

5. You can create customers for life

Having a news website link to your site gives you credibility and plays well in the eyes of search engines like Google. People visit news websites to learn about businesses like yours and see what other people are saying about your company. This means that even though you might not be #1 on the first page of Google, you will probably be on the second or third page. And since most searches stop after the first 3 pages, many people will never even notice your company unless they are already looking for you. However, if a news site puts up an article about the services that you provide, it will send people to your website directly!

6. You can build authority in your field

It is not just Google that reads articles put up on news websites. If your business appears on a news site, people start associating your brand with the news website. This means that after someone searches for news about your industry or niche in Google, he will see both you and the news website because they are associated with each other. The same thing happens if you guest post on a well-known blog; when people search for information related to your topic, your name will probably come up.

7. You can have additional contact information on your site

News websites are not just limited to articles about businesses, people, and events. They also accept advertisements from companies that want to sell their products through ad space on the site. One of the cool things about having a business advertisement with a news website is that you also get to put your contact information on the website. This will lead to more people contacting you, which means more potential business!

8. You can save time and resources

Of course, having an article written about your company by a reputable news website like CSN Philly takes time and resources. However, this is what many business owners pay public relations professionals to do for them. By having a news website help your company, you save time and resources that you can use in other parts of the business.


As you can see, news websites are an advantageous marketing tool that local companies should use to increase their visibility in Google. By using a news website to advertise your business, you will boost your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and save valuable time and resources for other parts of your business.

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