7 Types of Electrical Switchgear

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Switchgear is the equipment that prevents electrical equipment from the damage of overloading. Essential components such as fuses, circuit breakers are a part of this system. You can find a range of electrical switchgear in Dubai. These units are installed in all types of buildings ranging from residential and commercial to industrial. When it comes to large requirements, more complex and robust systems are required. This equipment is needed to preserve the proper flow of electricity and prevent dangerous overloads. That is why you install more advanced electrical switchgear in places like power stations and industrial power distribution panels. To ensure you are using the correct switchgear in your industry or home, you must be aware of all the different units available in the market. Here, we have discussed the most common types of switchgear in Dubai, have a look!

Metal Clad Switchgear 

Metal-clad switchgear provides access through both front and back ends. This type of switchgear keeps mounted electrical modules separate even when the components are in individual enclosed compartments. That means you use one place to house a circuit breaker, and another compartment may contain an incoming bus. All these components act together and are capable of handling medium-voltage electrical services. This type of switchgear in Dubai can take care of a load between 5 and 38 kV and is primarily used in power generation and transmission facilities. With this equipment, you can integrate enhanced security, simplified maintenance, and superior durability.  


Gas-insulated switchgear allows electrical services that are between the range of 72 and 1200 kV. That is one of the high-voltage equipment. Gas-insulated switchgear is ideal for confined environments and is primarily used to power support substations, railway activity. You can also use it to transfer renewable energy into the primary grid. These units are metal-enclosed that contain sulfur hexafluoride or any other types of insulating gases. This unit offers unique installation and allows the electrical components to be placed closer to each other. With this design, you can arrange the elements closer and save a lot of space within the unit. 


The metal-enclosed electrical switchgear in Dubai works for both commercial and industrial use. It is present in industrial facilities that require low to medium voltage above the 480 / 600 range. These units are a bit different from metal class systems, and it is capable of housing all electrical components without any barriers or compartments. Also, this unit has access points that can be placed both front and rear. Since these units are inside, it is essential that they are grounded to provide additional safety. 


With the subsurface switchgear in Dubai, you house the electrical components in a vaulted compartment that must be low grade. The design and construction of this system allow this unit to function despite water ingress. Since these units are below ground, you will get access to manual switch operation above ground. These units help protect the electrical components from any damage due to overload. Thus, you buy your units from a trusted switchgear manufacturing company in Dubai. A reliable company will ensure the best quality product that will allow you to integrate maximum security and functionality. 

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Pad-mounted switchgear in Dubai contains segregated circuits and a range of other components capable of supporting underground power distribution systems. With these systems, you can handle power ranging between 5 to 38 kV. Since these units are tamper-resistant, they are primarily used outdoors and are ideal for outdoor placement. These systems can support feeder sectionalizing and utility distribution efforts. Thus, you can get this type of electrical switchgear in Dubai for your outdoor needs and ensure maximum safety for all your electrical devices. 

7 Types of Electrical Switchgear


Air-insulated units use air circuit breakers for high voltage systems. This switchgear is primarily used in high voltage substations for a voltage range up to 800 kV. These types of circuit breakers are present where the environmental circumstances and space restrictions are not severe. Both electrical and mechanical components of this switchgear are installed on-site. Also, this type of switchgear is primarily used for industrial operation and is not safe to touch. This unit will be affected by climatic and environmental change. 

Highly Integrated Switchgear

Highly integrated electrical switchgear in Dubai comes with the advantages like air insulation and the technology of gas-insulated switchgear. Thus, this unit contains the best of both solutions and is a perfect alternative. This switchgear comes in handy in the voltage range of up to 550 kV. It is suitable for new substations in a limited space and is packed where environmental conditions are extreme. All these features and capabilities make this unit an ideal solution to be used in places with extreme weather and environmental conditions. In addition to this, you can also use this unit in areas where the maintenance cost is high. 

Electrical switchgear is a critical addition in all properties like residential to industrial. High-performance solutions are required in industrial settings, and you will need solutions that can handle high voltage and are durable. Thus, you should choose a trusted switchgear manufacturing company in Dubai to cater to your needs. Finding the right company or supplier can be a challenge. To help you in this process, we have found the most trusted companies. Take a look at this list to know about the top suppliers and companies and make an ideal choice. 

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