6 Tips to make Hair Extension Boxes more Attractive?

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Hair extensions are necessary for everyone to cope with current fashion changes. That is why their demand has seen an upsurge in the consumer market. If your business is selling these fashion products, you need to come up with attractive packaging that can prove influential in deriving customers’ buying decisions. You need to design the hair extension boxes effectively to beat the competition and become the stand out company in the competitive market. Following are some ways to design matchless hair extension packages for your products.

Window patching:

When you see hair extensions packed in beautiful packaging, which packaging will impress you the most, the ordinary one that lets you see through the product? Without any doubt, you will be attracted to the packaging enabling you to see the inside items without any barrier. In the context of hair extensions, it is the best option to let the customers see what they are buying. For this, you need to introduce transparency in your hair extension boxes by inducing windows. This induction of the transparent windows can be either done on the top or front of your boxes. It is also effective to induce window panels on the sides of your boxes. This way, you can meet the customers’ foremost demand, i.e., seeing the product first before purchasing.

Design multi-sensory packaging:

Multi-sensory packaging is all about the incorporation of all the five senses into your hair extension packaging to create a memorable experience for the customers. As the product packaging is the first impression of your product and brand, make it count by designing multi-sensory packaging. The manufacturers often focus on the visual aspect and graphics of the box but forget about auditory features and other sensory experiences. After incorporating visual elements, focus on the tactile features of your hair extension packages. This is because once the customers are impressed with your box’s graphics, they will be tempted to put their hands on it. Some tactile elements such as soft-touch coatings raised UV coatings, and grit effects can be used on your box for this purpose. Your box’s scent must leave a memorable impression on the customers to offer a good olfactory experience. Similarly, focus on the auditory and taste elements as well to entice your clients.

Unique and innovative shapes:

Previously, you could impress the customers with some square and rectangular shapes of the hair extension packaging. Modern-day customers demand something unique and innovative when it comes to the shapes of packaging. Get rid of the traditional shapes and design your hair extension packages in some artistic and creative shapes to capture potential consumers’ attention. The creative shapes will increase the visual value of your items displayed on the retail shelves. Customize your box in a pyramidal or triangular shape to attract a larger customer base. You can also make it in a pillow shape to convey the premium nature of your products. Customizing the shape of hair extension packages as per the theme of a specific idea is also a good idea—for example, a heart-shaped box for anniversaries or a ghost-shaped box for Halloween, etc.

Add alluring graphics:

There is an ocean of different products displayed on the retail shelves. To make your product stand out among all of them, imprinting some stylish and elegant graphics is a good tactic. Some graphical patterns such as chevron, polka dots, or deco pattern can prove useful in this regard. Some pictures or images of your valuable items can also be added since a picture can speak a thousand words. Add some eye-catchy images of the hair extensions on your box to let the clients know about different shades. With these images, the need for writing lengthy descriptions of your items can be avoided. Given that clients do not have enough time to open each box and find out the desired products, the addition of pictorial illustrations can build the confidence of buyers in your brand.

Strength in simplicity:

In the cluttered shelf of the retail stores, simple and minimal hair extension boxes are a sure way to make your items stand apart. In the competitive environment of the market, everyone is designing their packaging to stay ahead of others. That is why they add more and more designs on their box simply to look unique and differentiated. But you must understand that following this strategy will incur more costs. Not only that, but the customers do not like to see plenty of designs on the packages as they do not communicate a clear purpose rather confuse the buyers. The simple and minimalist box is visually clear and conveys to the point information. You cannot afford to look complex in the very first impression as it will generate negative vibes about your products in the market. The simple your box is, the better it conveys the brand information, building a unique brand identity.

Effective color themes:

This is necessary as the theme is the one that will define your item in the consumer market. For a more stylish and bold look, classic color themes can be used. Different color themes can be used on your hair extension packages according to the product needs and targeted audience. You can also reflect your brand identity by matching the color themes with your brand’s overall theme.

To sum up, the elegantly designed custom hair extension boxes can make sure your product stands out and is recognized by a larger audience. Design them while keeping the sense of customers in your mind to get noticed. Adding some good graphics and designing them in artistic shapes can generate word of mouth about your brand.

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