5 Tips For Your Next Wine Tasting


The wine-tasting process can be an expensive experience, so it’s essential to keep a few things in mind. For example, don’t forget to bring a bucket for spitting. Don’t worry: you’re not the only one who does it! Most pros spit out wine during a wine tasting. Even the staff at the winery is used to the sight! Tips for Wine Tasting.


You can enhance your experience by swirling it around the glass when tasting wine. It reveals the legs of the wine and helps you determine the viscosity or thickness. A wine with a high viscosity spins slowly and sticks to the sides of the glass. When swirling, you should be careful not to lift the glass. Instead, it would help if you used your middle and index finger to move the glass around gently.

Swirling allows the wine to breathe, allowing more oxygen to penetrate it. You can also smell the wine while swirling it. The aromas will be stronger and more pronounced if the swirling process has been done carefully.

Try to use your sense of smell when tasting wine to discerning its characteristics. Different people may find the smell of a specific wine to be fruity, floral, or woodsy. It may also be intense or light. The key is to take your time and not rush. Take breaks throughout the tasting, and clean your palate and nose between wines.

Smelling wine is an art and is best mastered with practice. It would help if, first, you swirled the glass so that the vapors from the wine could escape and mix with the air. While you’re swirling the glass, don’t blow too hard. Instead, gently put your nose in the air space and focus on the aromas.


When you first sip a glass of wine, you should swish it in your mouth to wake up your taste buds. This is to prepare your mouth for the wine and ensure you enjoy it. Ideally, you should take three sips to experience the wine’s flavors fully. This will help you to determine the best ones to purchase.

Swishing the wine in your glass will release more oxygen into the wine, increasing its fragrance. The sense of smell plays a significant role in determining what you’ll taste. So before you start tasting wine, please take a good whiff of it to prime your taste buds.


The next time you’re at a wine tasting, consider spitting. It’s not only acceptable wine etiquette but also a healthy way to clean up your mouth. While it’s not ideal, spitting is safer than drinking in public and is still perfectly acceptable.

If you’re a little shy about spitting, practice it privately at home before you attend a wine tasting. The spitting process keeps you sober and enables you to evaluate the wine’s flavors better. Perfume can mask subtle aromas and muddy the perception of the wine. Also, don’t criticize others’ spitting. Otherwise, you’ll end up with negative feelings about spitting.

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