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Whether you are a working professional or a student, calendars play an important role in one’s life. I would suggest a combination of blank calendar templates and online share calendars should be used simultaneously for smooth working.

While working, you must maintain regular communication with your team as well as seniors. There is a need for you to stay updated about the upcoming events, meetings, and seminars so that you don’t miss them by any chance. 

Each of these things can be taken care of with the help of shared calendars. A shared calendar hails with a good number of benefits. If you have still not started using them, here is some encouragement for you to start trusting them.

Look at some of the pointers: 

A positive change in communication when you share a calendar with your team, the touch and the tasks performed will be very smooth. Scheduling meetings and planning out projects would become an easy task. It ensures that everyone is on the same page during the assigning of jobs and appointments so that there is no kiosk. 


  1. Balancing your assignments 

While looking at the shared calendar, you will get to know about the availability of your team members. Based on that, you can allocate them the desired tasks. This will also benefit them since the employees would also be able to plan out their other miscellaneous tasks accordingly. 


  1. Presence of transparency 

Every team must have accountability as well as transparency in its work. With the help of the shared calendar, you’ll see what all your employees are into and know when and where they will be busy in the coming days. Also, your team won’t have to wait for days to see if you are free and then schedule a discussion. This is because a shared calendar does it all.

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  1. An ideal thing for startups

While starting a new business, you would have already been aware of the work culture and the working hours of a company. To keep their long days at the organization productive, shared calendars are undoubtedly a must. Apart from that, some startup owners have also claimed that these fit well in their work culture. 


  1. Saves time and efforts 

Meetings are quite stressful, and also their scheduling takes much time. With the usage of a shared calendar, you would not need to go to every team member to ask them their date of availability. Instead, a shared calendar will act as a personal assistant for you in this case and, thus, do the required scheduling work in no time. 



Shared calendars have always played an important role in maintaining cooperation and positivity between the employees at a workplace. They keep them punctual, manage their schedules, assign the tasks on time, and clear out any miscommunication between them. 

However, picking up the right calendar to share depends upon you, and as I said in the beginning, you should use a shared calendar with a simple printable calendar or planner. Many websites offer free printable calendars in many formats such as word, excel, pdf, and image/jpeg. All you need to do is get a hassle-free professional life with no useless confusion. 

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