5 Easy And Affordable Ways To Create Brand Recognition


Having a trusted and solid brand is crucial for your business to thrive. If your target audience does not recognize and trust your brand, how will you grow, increase your profit margins and customer base?

Over the years, promotional products have increased in popularity due to their impacts on brand awareness.

Below are five effortless and affordable ways you can employ to create brand recognition.

1. Promotional products

Promotional products could range from an assortment of booklets that can get customized for your audience. These are ideal for your business since they are cost-effective and versatile.

Most customers will likely keep your product if it is trendy, fun, and functional. As a result, they get to use these products often. And this exposes them to the printed message over and over.

When done the right way, these products can help create a lasting impression among your customers. Whether someone intends to do business with you after getting a promotional product, it is essential to remember that seeing your promotional product frequently will help them remember your brand. And if they ever need to purchase a product in the future, you will be the first in their mind!

2. Customized coasters

For those in the bars, restaurants, and nightclub business, you might want to utilize the power of customized coasters for your brand. These drink coasters act as a business card that you can put on your drink.

Coasters are ideal for your brand for so many reasons. Apart from affordability, they are highly customizable. Since there are no restrictions on how you can design your custom poster, you can take advantage of this by adding unique images, addresses, contact details, motto, and so on at no additional costs. You may also include personalized messages to express brand personality.

That allows customers to have a good impression of your brand and be more memorable that customers will get enticed to return to your business.

3. Custom stickers

Custom stickers are some of the most affordable promotional products you don’t want to ignore. From bumper stickers, social distancing stickers, sticker sheets, sticker shingles, on even stickers on rolls, all these play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness.

One of the reasons you need to consider custom stickers is that they are affordable. Having custom stickers help to effortlessly push your brand’s name forward without committing considerable investment to the market.


Also, these custom stickers aid in offline branding campaigns. And since they can get used in the long term, the message tends to stick in your customer’s mind for a long time. 

4. Custom labels

Custom labels, including label sheets and labels on rolls, are a creative and trendy way to share your message to your audience. When customers have a positive impression of your brand, they get to share the same through word of mouth by describing your brand.

Also, custom labels help to catch the audience’s attention at the very first glance. And, the more you’re seen, the more you get sold.

Custom labels help to display crucial brand information and include persuasive information that will drive up sales. They are also easy to remove and weatherproof, meaning you can have them for a long time.

5. Pocket calendars

Pocket calendars are an ideal way to increase brand recognition. That is because they are helpful since everyone uses them. When people use your pocket calendar frequently, they make a positive connection with your brand. The fact that you gave a free calendar tap into the human brain for reciprocity. That means that your audience becomes imprinted with your brand each time they chuck out their pocket calendars.

Pocket calendars are also universally helpful and can get used for months. You can have them customized to look attractive to capture most people’s attention.

Final thoughts

As seen above, to increase your brand recognition, you don’t have to break the bank. All you have to do is to employ affordable marketing strategies. That will help to leave an impact on your customers each time they come across your product.