4 tips for choosing the right bikini swimsuit for your body shape


Whether you’re heading out on a summer vacation, planning a trip to the winter sun, or just debating whether to hit the local pool, being equipped with the fitting bikini swimsuits is crucial!

1. Get your summer body ready:

This doesn’t mean weight loss, strict diets, and going to the gym daily – it simply means getting the body you want. Comfort is essential before choosing any swimsuits, and you need to get your body in its best shape to choose the best swimwear for you. There’s no point in falling in love with a swimsuit and saying, ‘I need to lose weight to fit into this.’ Instead, you need to work with what you have and make it happy!

This includes preparing your skin for the look. Eating healthily and getting the right vitamins can help your skin and body look natural and healthy. 

2. Understand your body shape:

Choosing the right swimwear means understanding what your body looks best in and identifying your shape. Some swimwear designs may be flatter on specific body shapes, so you’ll want to identify yours. Next, measure your body in all relevant areas – waist, hips, and bust – to compare your measurements to the relevant figure. The most common shapes are hourglass (an even bust-to-hip ratio that pulls in from the waist), pear (more hip size than bust size), and straight (bust-to-hip alignment that looks straighter than curvy). Once you know, you’re good to go.

3. Shop for the right swimsuit:

Now that you understand your body shape, you can only shop for bikini swimsuits that fit the criteria. Online stores can make this easy with filters designed around specific body shapes so you can save time and distraction by rejecting swimwear that doesn’t fit you, or if you’re in-store, you can ask the sales representative. First, identify the swimsuits that best suit your body shape.

4. Pay attention to fabric cut, color, and design:

Knowing your body shape is only half the battle. You will then want to ensure that the bikini swimsuit you choose works to accentuate your favorite bits and hide your less favorite ones. For example, if you have a large bust that you like to emphasize, a low-cut swimsuit may be more desirable. Or similarly, if you want to draw attention away from a large bust, you can opt for a full coverage one piece with a high neck or halter neck bikini. If you feel more comfortable covering your stomach, a one-piece is better than a two-piece.

Plain colors like black are too subtle, while bold and bright prints and designs can draw attention to specific areas – so make sure they’re the right ones!

Here are some of the most common styles of bikini tops

This means you’ll be sure to find the right one for your gorgeous look!

● Triangle:

Also known as the string bikini top, there is something incredibly alluring about the triangle bikini top. Flirty and barely there, this swimsuit top looks just that. Two triangular flaps of fabric reach around to cover your chest, and they are usually held together by strings and tied in the back. While they’re not the most supportive type of bikini top, they’re cute. However, if you are somewhat full-chested, this may not be the best bikini top for you, as it is not very supportive.

● Bandeau:

This bikini top is similar to a tube top because it has no straps. Instead, it’s a solid strip of fabric that wraps around your chest. The width of the bandeau portion of your bikini can vary in size, from a barely there strip to a more modest and complete fabric coverage. This type of bikini top also needs to fit well, as it does not have shoulder straps to keep it securely. If you play beach volleyball, this may not suit you best. That said, it’s fantastic to relax and unwind!

● Underwire:

It’s a common misconception that busty women can’t wear bikinis, and the Underwire Bikini Top is here to prove naysayers wrong. This type of bikini top has full coverage and comes with underwire support to help keep your chest in place when you’re playing in the pool or splashing in the waves. You don’t have to be curvaceous to wear an underwire bikini. More stylish women can also wear this bikini top, especially if they plan to go out in the water or enjoy water sports (such as jet skiing or surfing).

● Tankini:

Finally, the tankini bikini top is one of the most modest bikini tops out there. It resembles a traditional tank top in many ways, although the straps can be thinner (like a tank top). They can dip in the front, or they can be high-necked. What sets them apart from other bikini tops is their length. They don’t stop just below the breasts. Instead, they may go down to your navel or your hips. If you’re shy about showing off your belly, a tankini bikini top might be the perfect option!

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