4 different types of countertops to add to your kitchen

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Kitchen countertops and granite worktops chester, arguably, take up the most spotlight when we talk about kitchens and decorating or refinishing kitchens. Not only are they used for cooking purposes, but they are also used to create a clean, hassle-free workspace, storage space, and even an eating space in most places.

It is important that when selecting your kitchen countertop, you put a certain level of research and design thinking into how you plan to create its blend with the rest of the kitchen. Choosing the wrong kind of kitchen countertop can create many disturbances and ruin the aura of the kitchen, which happens to be a place you absolutely can’t avoid.

Selecting the proper countertop for your kitchen may make a huge difference in the overall look of your kitchen. The countertop material, for example, may collapse if it is not able to absorb the heat in the right way. This can cause you a lot of trouble. Also, if you decide to choose granite, which is notoriously tough to maintain, you may have to put in some extra effort. All is well as long as you can control the time and costs required for upkeep. The only exception is if you don’t have adequate space to take care of maintenance and repairs.

  1. Going Gaga for quartz

For most homeowners, a quartz countertop is easily the best choice. In addition to the resilience of this material, the quartz countertop delivers an exceptional aesthetic that increases your kitchen’s overall value.

Granite and quartz are priced around the same in most places. But, quartz kitchen countertops have been taking over the granite countertop market. This makes it easier to find quartz countertops near you

Quartz countertops are manufactured using 95 percent ground natural quartz and 5 percent polymer resins, making them far more durable and thus reliable. Due to its striking look, quartz has become increasingly popular. Stone-like quartz allows homeowners to modify their décor. Quartz is actually harder than granite, making it more resistant to chipping. Quartz is practically indestructible, and because it isn’t porous like granite, it’s possible to keep your countertops comparatively bacteria-free. While cooking, be careful not to overheat the quartz because it can be damaged; thus, always use heating pads.


  1. Go cottage with wooden countertops. 

Unlike popular opinion, wooden countertops are definitely not out of style, and they won’t be for a long time! The fact is, you may give your home a cottage look and feel by installing wood countertops. Decorative and useful, these counters are a great addition to any home. Natural wood is a sturdy material, which makes it great for food prep.

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Your hardwood countertop can also be used to chop meat if it has been properly coated with a protective cover and is securely sealed. Due to its heat-absorbing characteristics, wood is much more heat-resistant than other budget-friendly solutions such as granite and laminate. A wooden kitchen countertop eliminates the need to worry about hot pots, pans, and other hot goods being placed on the surface.

In terms of sustainability, wood countertops are a good choice. Made from sustainably sourced wood, each piece is unique. The best feature is that they won’t scuff or stain like other materials. Because of their natural antibacterial characteristics, wood worktops are less prone to bacterial growth than other surfaces.

With that being said, you may have to be cautious about open fire outlets and other things. If your wooden kitchen countertop isn’t coated properly, burn or even ash marks can be left on your kitchen countertop, which can easily ruin the entire look you had been aiming for!


  1. Marble; the world’s perennial favorite

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Marble is one of the priciest countertop options. Not only is grey and white marble aesthetically beautiful, but it may also be used to conceal mild stains. It’s hard to deny that marble, despite its widespread use, always lends a high-end appearance to any kitchen countertop design, and thus the entire kitchen itself gets a regal touch.

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As a result of the difficulty in installation and maintenance of countertops, marble costs a little more than other kitchen counters. It requires a sealant that needs to be sprayed every six months to keep it up in its actual condition. However, marble’s neutral tones combine beautifully with any shade. Choose from orange, red, blue, or green cabinets to create a stunning kitchen that will make you want to spend all your time in it and not leave it at all.

With that being said, some people believe that marble kitchen countertops are out of style because they bring a sense of coldness to your kitchen. They make the ones who visit it feel unwelcome. But that, in general, is the case with everything that visibly looks intimidating and pricey.


  1. Soapstone countertops are quite the rage. 

To understand soapstone kitchen countertops, it’s integral that we understand soapstone itself. Soapstone is a non-porous natural stone that comes in various grey shades, from light to dark. Contrary to other types of natural stone, it does not need to be sealed annually. Countertop scratches are covered by mineral oil, which also deepens the stone’s coloration over time as it is applied.

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Since these counters are sturdy, low-maintenance, and attractive, they are commonly utilized as the perfect kitchen countertop material in homes and restaurants alike.

The drawback of soapstone is that it is prone to scratching, making it less durable than other types of stone. Cooking on a stovetop, particularly with cast iron, because of its ability to cause scratches may pose complications for individuals who have soapstone countertops.

End notes

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your kitchen countertops. Thus, you should never believe a countertop’s price determines its quality. As you can see, it doesn’t always work out that way. Instead, a countertop will be preferable for you if it meets all of your demands and specifications rather than if it does not. But if you don’t, even the most costly kitchen counters can become a significant liability in case they are not maintained properly, and proper maintenance equipment isn’t used. Once again, do your entire homework first and then decide!

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