3 Tips To Make Money As A Yoga Teacher | Karan Bajaj

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2020 gave rise to a new world for teachers of all disciplines, including yoga teachers. Online yoga teaching surged very well last year and 2021 seems to be no different. The fact that people have become more comfortable with online yoga classes makes it even more clear that this is a profitable venture.


Making money as a yoga teacher is possible but only if you work efficiently towards the tips mentioned in this article. But before starting with tips on how to make money with yoga, you need to get online! Teaching and training have made their way to digital media like never before. Online classes are the name of the game in the year 2021. So before you take any investment advice for yoga as a profession, consider the fact that whether you are online or not, your target audience still will be. Getting online is not confined to taking an online ypg class, it also involves writing yoga blogs, making youtube videos etc. Take as much advantage as you can by bringing your business online.

Start a yoga podcast

This is one of the emerging ways to keep your audience engaged and market your business. By creating a yoga podcast you can also offer a glimpse of what you are all about to your potential audience and win their confidence.

Podcasts can help you make money if somehow you manage to get sponsored while doing it. Here you can talk about the different styles of yoga that you teach, its benefits, helpful tips and tricks, ways in which mindfulness comes into play and much more.

Offer private yoga classes

Teaching yoga online is just like an investment done to make money. Here you will have to invest your time, put in some effort and spend some money to bear the cost of the website and application but once things are on track, you can make a lot of money.

Depending on the style you teach and references of your students, you can also plan one on one yoga classes. Offering a private class will enable you to build your students’ trust and a sense of security. It will make them feel comfortable and safe in the space created by you.

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Create an online yoga course or workshop

This is a great idea and an effective investment advice when it comes to earning profits from teaching yoga online. By providing a course or workshop for yoga and further marketing it, you will be able to showcase to your target audience what style you teach. There can be a fixed rate for the course and workshop with some referral benefits attached to it. This small investment will help you win several clients as they will be able to attend a workshop from the comfort of their homes.

Final Thoughts

The importance of teaching yoga online is far more than one can imagine. By running a yoga studio online or making such an investment in yoga, you can build a huge client base and offer your students an opportunity to practice yoga from their home.


It is time that you keep all your money making strategies in mind and get started with teaching yoga online.


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