3 Steps To Planning A Virtual Graduation Ceremony

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While the world has gotten over the pandemic, many universities are still following the measures to make sure that the students remain safe and sound. 

Not to mention how graduation is a major part of student life, and you don’t want your students to miss out on that.

Therefore, we have decided to bring this blog for you that is easy to follow.

These virtual graduation ceremony ideas will help you to plan a successful ceremony for your students by following three easy steps. Keep reading to find it all out!

The Planning

1. Create A Page or Website

Create a page or website dedicated to the graduation ceremony. Here, your students can look up all the details related to the graduation ceremony. You can lay out all the rules you want your students to follow to maintain the decorum of your institution. 

Add a message from the principal or the dean of your institute, a link to the virtual graduation ceremony platform, the date, and the timing. Not just that, you can also share pictures of the students who are going to be graduating and it will make them feel special and get them excited for the virtual graduation ceremony.

2. Choose Your Platform

We have mentioned this step as choosing a platform is a crucial part of the planning of your virtual graduation ceremony. Firstly, you need to scan the nature of your virtual graduation ceremony, whether it is entirely a virtual graduation ceremony where every person, from students to staff members is sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Or it is a hybrid graduation ceremony where the friends and family members are witnessing the event from their homes while students get felicitated with their degrees. You can either live stream the entire ceremony on YouTube or choose video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, where everyone comes together to celebrate the occasion.

3. Create The Invite

Creating an invite is more than important for your graduation ceremony because how else will you generate interest among the students? Create a quirky virtual graduation ceremony invite for your students, and don’t forget to mention all the famous slangs that they use around the campus. 

It will add a nice touch to the virtual graduation ceremony invitation, getting the students and other attendees excited for the upcoming virtual graduation ceremony.

The Processing

1. Create Your Virtual Program

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Create your virtual program. It means that you must lay out the entire timetable of your virtual graduation ceremony. Starting from all the performances to guest speeches and the order for each class to distribute the university degree, everything must be taken care of to ensure the smooth running of the entire virtual graduation ceremony.

2. Gather The Guest & Speaker List

No graduation ceremony is complete without incorporating speakers or guests who visit the ceremony to act as a source of inspiration for the graduating students. Make sure to gather a list of a good number of speakers and guests and include them in your virtual graduation ceremony program.

It will create more enthusiasm in your students, their friends, and family members. Don’t forget to keep your speakers posted with the whole ceremony. Also, that they have proper internet connectivity and the devices to avoid any end-moment glitches.

The Execution

1. Live Stream The Ceremony

No matter whether it is a virtual graduation ceremony or a hybrid graduation ceremony, live stream the entire ceremony. There are many platforms like YouTube and Facebook that offer free live-streaming options. It would be a great opportunity to expand the reach of your virtual graduation ceremony on social media. 

It would attract interesting prospects, that even during the difficult times you make sure that your students don’t miss out on creating experiences. Besides, you give a space for the graduating students’ friends and family members to share their support to the students.

2. Use A Social Media Wall

A social media wall is a collection of social media posts in the form of a wall. We all know how Gen-Z and Millenials are taking over the campus, so to be able to remain relevant, you need to speak in their language: social media. Add a social media wall to the virtual graduation ceremony to ensure that your students remain engaged throughout the ceremony without drifting away. 

A social wall is an amazing tool, as it will not only keep your students hooked, it will also prompt them to create content around the graduation ceremony, helping you improve your social media presence to a great extent.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Your graduation ceremony might be virtual, but with these three planning steps, you can surely give an unforgettable experience to your students.

As we reach the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of the planning, processing, and execution of your virtual graduation ceremony. 

So what are you waiting for? Get set going!

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