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Are you searching for a trustworthy car insurance company? Or want to save money for your car insurance, then consider Freeway Insurance. Then you have come to the right place. Yes, we will provide you the best insurance company. 1st Central Car Insurance is a forward-thinking insurance firm. It has helped more than three-quarters of a million clients reduce money on car insurance. Before we begin with 1st Central Car Insurance Reviews, get a glimpse more about it.


You will not be disappointed if you get a car insurance quotation from 1st Central Insurance. It began in 2008.

As per UK motor experts, 1st Central Insurance offers low-cost car insurance for young and skilled drivers and excellent customer service. Therefore, let us begin with 1st Central Car Insurance Reviews.


1st Central Car Insurance Reviews: Who is 1st Central car insurance?


1st Central Car Insurance Reviews

1st Central Insurance is a newcomer to the car insurance market in the United Kingdom. They are a little different from other insurers since they strive for simplicity in a world of complexity and complication. Everything they do, both externally and internally, is based on the principle of being easily driven.


They are a part of FGC, a big corporation. Hayward’s Heath has two offices and employs around 500 employees. They strive hard to maintain a high level of customer service. And provide reasonable insurance to their consumers.



1st Central Car Insurance Reviews: What do you think about features that make them unique, and what are their key facts?


The features that make them unique are:

  • Their significant commitment to clients,
  • Promising highly competitive pricing and
  • A team that regularly adjusts prices depending on industry trends
  • It will ensure they keep the low costs they have promised.

Some of the facts about 1st Central Car Insurance Reviews:

  • The no-claims bonus of up to 65 percent
  • Since their inception in 2008, they have insured over 2 million people.


1st Central Car Insurance Reviews

1st Central Car Insurance Reviews: What are the various types of car insurance they offer?

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft (TPFT) and Comprehensive Car Insurance are the two forms of car insurance offered by 1st Central Insurance.


Third-party, fire, and theft include insurance:

  • In case your car gets damaged by lightning, fire, explosion and including spare parts accessories.
  • In case, if your car is less than 12 months old and is stolen and not recovered. You can get a replacement car under certain conditions.
  • In case, if you injure someone else, you have limitless property insurance.


Each person in the vehicle is under the standard insurance given by them. In the event of an automobile accident, this permits everyone to get medical help.

1st Central Car Insurance Reviews


Furthermore, if the event is a personal injury, they will pay out a significantly great figure if the damage results in a loss of a leg or eyesight.

The lost service is another feature of their insurance coverage.

You will get an A-Class vehicle for such as a small hatchback.




Personal accident insurance is an optional additional offered by 1st Central Insurance. It boosts the amount paid for medical expenses by about five times.

They offer to hire car protection, which gives you full use of an automobile for up to 28 days.


Hence, to conclude 1st Central Car Insurance Reviews, they got a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars from Defaqto, describing it as an excellent product with a wide range of features and benefits.


How to contact 1st central car insurance?

You can visit 1st Central Insurance or can call at 0333 043 2044.

Will I get insurance if my car got damaged?

Yes, as per their policy, you will get it.

Who is the underwriter for 1st Central Automobile Insurance?

Skyfire Insurance.