10 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues Highlighted by Saivian

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After all of the festive fun, it’s normal to feel a little down in the dumps when you wake up on January 5th and realize that Christmas is officially over.

Here are some easy ways to beat those post-holiday blues:

1. Distract Yourself with a New Hobby​​​

Put your new list of resolutions into motion by finding an activity that interests you and then getting involved! It could be anything from blogging to marathon training—just make sure it’s something you enjoy so you have fun while doing the work required for success. Or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, go big and launch a business or create a product based on your talents and passions. You’ll be so busy soaking up all of the excitement that the holidays brought; you’ll barely have time to think of anything else!

2. Re-Read Your Christmas Cards and Letters​​​

According to Saivian it’s always nice to re-read those letters from your grandpa detailing how he killed a buck with his teeth this year or those hilarious cards from your college friends as their pets show off their Santa hats. It will not only continue the festive cheer, but it will also remind you why you put up with all of those family dinners in the first place! ​

3. Update Your Social Media Profiles​​​

The worst part about holiday breaks is catching up with everyone once you’re back at school or work and realizing that they’ve already moved on from last month’s celebrations. While you should definitely make a habit of staying in touch with loved ones, the easiest way to make a clean break is to change all your profile pictures and cover photos. When your grandma sends you a Facebook message asking “Hey girl, did have a nice Thanksgiving?” you can simply respond “Yep! Sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner—I just changed my profile picture!” Totally normal and not at all embarrassing.

4. Plan Your New Year’s Eve Party​​​

If your social calendar is feeling pretty empty after Christmas, take advantage of that extra open time by hosting an epic bash on December 31st that everyone will be talking about well into January 2nd! Get creative with decorations and yourself to some fancy party favors that will have your guests feeling festive before you even get to the champagne.

5. Get on Someone Else’s Schedule​​​

If all else fails and you’re still stuck in a post-holiday funk, then there’s nothing wrong with filling that empty space in your schedule by taking advantage of someone else’s chaos. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or join an intramural sports team—whatever it is, just make sure you find a way to participate in the holiday cheer without the added stress of planning and budgeting for your own events.

6. Initiate Seasonal Banter!​​​

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No one wants to be the party pooper who hates Christmas music at karaoke night (or Solstice tunes when you finally convince your friends to make the trip up north), so be the bigger person and turn on those holidays tunes! Share a laugh about how terrible some of the sweaters were at your office party and then bravely move onto more serious topics like Peeta or that new Twilight movie.

7. Watch Holiday Movies​​​

If you’re a sucker for a good love story, then there’s nothing better than staying warm and cozy under a blanket as you watch your favorite Christmas movies with someone special. If you want to go all out, pair classic films like its A Wonderful Life with these 3-ingredient hot toddies (great excuse to cuddle!) and DIY candy cane popcorn for an evening full of festive cheer.

8. Go shopping (if that’s what you like to do, of course)​​​

Nothing beats the upbeat holiday tunes and cheerful banter between shoppers in the weeks before Christmas, so take advantage of all those post-holiday sales and treat yourself to a little retail therapy. Just make sure it’s followed up with some serious self-control and budgeting so January doesn’t come around and bite you in the butt when your credit card bill arrives.

9. Visit Your Family… If You Have to​​​

Sometimes it really is better to give than receive, especially if your family lives far away and you won’t get another chance until next year! The holidays are about time spent with loved ones after all—even if they’re just passing through town for a few hours. If you can’t make it to them, they might be willing to come to visit you (especially if there’s a chance of some good home cooking).

10. Embrace the Christmas Spirit!​​​

At the end of the day, all you can do is try your best to enjoy the holidays and embrace all the cheer they have to offer. Whether that means decking out your apartment in twinkling lights or indulging in a festive mug of hot cocoa each morning, just make sure you find your own way to join in on the fun.

Conclusion by Saivian:

So, there you have it! Ten fun and easy ways to get into the Christmas spirit. Whether you’re looking for ways to keep yourself busy or just want some ideas for celebrating, these tips will definitely help get you in the mood for the holidays. Have a happy and safe season!​​​

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