10 Creative and Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate your Home


We all searched for creative ways to keep ourselves busy during this quarantine. The long time being confined in homes is bound to make anyone upset no matter how much they love being lazy and spend the whole day in bed enjoying their favorite shows. While most of us ticked the long-due New Year’s resolution list during 2020 there are still some things you can do to engage productively in this quarantine.

Don’t worry, enough about workout or yoga ideas, we have some new ways to make yourself love the time in your home and also fall in love with your home all over again. Yes, this article will cover crazy and creative home decoration ideas right in your budget.

Some Plants

Most of us headed towards stores to get air purifiers but is there anything better than natural purifiers? Your home needs to provide you fresh air and sadly, with the virus being airborne you cannot rely on open windows for fresh air.

Plants in such cases are the best way to get some healthy air. Not only they will provide you fresh clean oxygen to breathe but they will also add a great look to your workplace. You will love the touch of colorful greens to a plain white room or even if it’s a kid’s room, don’t ignore the value of plants.

Unique Decorations

If you purchase all the wall hangings and other decorative from a single store then what’s the difference between your lounge and an IKEA store. Make sure to create a workspace that speaks about you. Rather than just loading stuff in your home and covering walls with bunch of painting, shop less but shop wise. Look beyond common sellers to find beautiful painting and piece of art. You can also shop with the wayfair 10 off coupon if you wish to check out some handmade decorative.

A Little Paint Job

Sometimes walls aren’t the only thing that need paint in your home. While painting the walls are the surest way to give a new life to your home, it is a tough job that costs a lot. But do you know you can get the paints, not touch the walls and still make the best out of your home? Don’t worry about the wait, we are talking about painting the cabinet doors. If you own a study table that is too old to look pretty then painting it a nice attractive coat will do the magic you need.

Just a Shelf

Just a shelf can do a lot more than you would have thought. A tiny shelf mounted at the right place in a study room, lounge or even bedroom can increase the look by various folds. And the best part? They don’t even cost a handful. You can buy a wooden or MDF based platform, paint it your favorite color and install it where you like. This will not only make things pretty but will also bring a little organization to your home.

Play with Colors

Monochromes are classy but playing with colors has its own charm. And mismatched furniture is a style that never gets old. So if you have been eyeing that turquoise side table, it’s time to buy it. Or getting hot pink cushions for your couch doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Or a popular place to begin with mismatched furniture is the kitchen counter seating. When it comes to that there is no color you should stop at!

Photo Gallery Wall

There is nothing that will speak better about you than a tale told by pictures. Making a photo gallery on wall is a creative and affordable way to cover a bare wall and also make it feel like home. Rather than just opting for random images of sceneries, make sure to hang some cute photos and you and your family member to tell everyone how grateful you are for such things in life.

Fresh Flowers

Different types of home decorations come and go, but one type of accessorizing that never goes out of style is the tried-and-true flower arrangement. Well-chosen flowers will instantly elevate your decor, and they’re perfect for any area in the house.

And if you live nearby a florist shop then you are in luck. Fresh flowers are a mood booster and an extremely inexpensive way to create a gorgeous throw of colors in your room. The best part about buying fresh flowers is that they are effortless and make everything bloomy.

Consider Painting your Chairs

After there is some time left when done with painting cabinets, wooden chairs in your home should be your next area of interest. Simply dip your basic dining room chairs or wooden bar stools in paint to give them a whole new look. Bright red makes a statement, while white or soft pastels are more subdued ways to freshen up your furniture. Or just like Monica’s cute dining table in the kitchen, you can buy different chairs and set up a whole room full of love and colors.

Throw Pillows on the Couch

Replacing your throw pillows is an easy home design suggestion for the living room. Whether you buy or create your own, throw pillows are a simple way to decorate and brighten a room. You can even switch out your pillows to match the seasons. You may replace your comfortable velvet cushions with lighter textures like cotton for your spring home décor.

Make sure not to stuff your couch with throw pillows so there is no remaining room for the people to sit on. Always remember the key to a great home is where guests are most comfortable.

Wall Moldings

Arts and paintings are too basic or maybe you already have them on majority of the walls. And when you need something to make your home look unique, a wall molding will do the job perfectly. However, make sure to be smart and minimalist with the design as too much complexity can cause a place to look ugly and unattractive and another negative side is that it will cost you a lot.